Upcoming Visioning Events

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    The PPS Visioning initiative is entering an exciting phase, one where we reach out to stakeholders from across our dynamic and diverse school community.

    January marks the beginning of a number of community meetings where PPS students, families, educators and volunteers will be able to share what they think the future of education in Portland should look like.

    In these meetings, we will walk participants through exercises that are future-focused, in order to hear the best ideas and dreams of a PPS that best serves students of the future.

    The largest meeting this month will take place January 26 at Madison HS from 1:00-5:00. This meeting will include multiple opportunities and ways for attendees to participate. This will be a fun, interactive event and we would love for you to join us, whether you have 30 minutes or all afternoon to spend with us. Refreshments, snacks, child care and interpreters will be provided.

    We are especially interested in hearing from individuals and groups who have historically not always been provided platforms. Working with our schools, parent groups, community-based organizations and others, our hope is to reach and hear from the broadest, most diverse audience of PPS stakeholders possible. Every voice, every perspective, every DREAM counts toward a PPS Vision that accounts for, honors and fully serves all students at all schools.

    We hope to see you at one or more of our community events!

Event Date Times Location
PPS Charter Schools Leadership Tuesday,
Jan. 15
11 a.m.
Blanchard Education Service Center,
501 N. Dixon St.
Community Transition Program (students only) Wednesday, Jan. 16 9-10:30 a.m. Community Transition Program,
2627 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Portland Friends of Music Thursday, Jan. 17 6-8 p.m. Blanchard Education Service Center,
501 N. Dixon St.
Migrant Parent Education Council Thursday, Jan. 17 1:30-2:30 p.m. Bison Coffeehouse,
3941 NE Cully Blvd.
34th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Celebration Monday,
Jan. 21
11 a.m.-
6 p.m.
Highland Christian Center
7600 NE Glisan St
PPS Classified Staff Tuesday,
Jan. 22
10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Faubion School, 2930 NE Dekum St.
PPS Central Office Staff Tuesday,
Jan. 22
1:30 p.m.
Blanchard Education Service Center,
501 N. Dixon St.
PPS Educators Tuesday,
Jan. 22
1:30 p.m.
2 Locations TBD
Talented and Gifted Community Tuesday,
Jan. 22
5:30-7 p.m. Blanchard Education Service Center,
501 N. Dixon St.
ACCESS/Lane Gay Straight Alliance (students only) Wednesday, Jan. 23 11:30 a.m.-
1 p.m.
Lane MS, 7200 SE 60th Ave.
Jackson MS Gay Straight Alliance (students only) Wednesday, Jan. 23 noon-1 p.m. Jackson MS, 10625 SW 35th Ave.
Beverly Cleary Gay Straight Alliance (students only) Wednesday, Jan. 23 11:25 a.m.-
12:25 p.m.
Beverly Cleary K-8
PPS Alternative Schools Leadership Wednesday, Jan. 23 12:30-2 p.m. Blanchard Education Service Center,
501 N. Dixon St.
Madison Migrant Education Students (students only) Wednesday, Jan. 23 3:15-
4:15 p.m.
Madison HS,
2735 NE 82nd Ave.
Special Education (IEPs and 504 families welcome) Wednesday, Jan. 23 6-8 p.m. Pioneer School, 2600 SE 71st Ave.
Head Start Parent Advisory Council Thursday, Jan. 24 3:30-5 p.m. Sacajawea Head Start,
4800 NE 74th Ave.
Benson Black Student Union (students only) Thursday, Jan. 24 2:15-
3:15 p.m.
Benson HS,
546 NE 12th Ave.
Lincoln Diversity Council/Leadership Class (students only) Thursday, Jan. 24 8:15-
9:45 a.m.
Lincoln HS,
1600 SW Salmon St.
Special Education (IEPs and 504 families welcome) Thursday, Jan. 24 6-8 p.m. Harriet Tubman MS,
2231 N Flint Ave.
Breakfast for Champions / Partners in Diversity (all are welcome; *RSVP required ) Thursday, Jan. 24 7:30-
10 a.m.
Blanchard Education Service Center,
501 N. Dixon St.
Unite Oregon (multicultural parents, families welcome) Friday,
Jan. 25
6-8 p.m. Unite Oregon,
700 N Killingsworth St.
Parent Teacher Associations and Local School Foundations (all are welcome) Friday,
Jan. 25
8-10 a.m. Blanchard Education Service Center,
501 N. Dixon St.
Grant HS Students (students only) Friday,
Jan. 25
11:39 a.m.
Grant HS at Marshall,
3905 SE 91st Ave.
Voz Latina Student Group at Faubion (students only) Friday,
Jan. 25
9:45 a.m.
Faubion School, 2930 NE Dekum St.
PPS Community Meeting (all welcome) Saturday,
Jan. 26
1-5 p.m. Madison HS,
2735 NE 82nd Ave.
Dyslexia Parents and Advocates (all welcome) Sunday,
Jan. 27
11:30 a.m.
Blanchard Education Service Center,
501 N. Dixon St.
Online Input (all PPS community) Jan. 9-27 Online
Benson CTE Students (students only) TBD TBD Benson HS,
546 NE 12th Ave.
Jefferson HS Students (students only) TBD TBD Jefferson HS,
5210 N Kerby Ave.
PPS Teen Parents (students only) TBD TBD TBD
Head Start Parent Advisory Council TBD TBD TBD

  • Visioning

    What is the future of public education in Portland? Portland Public Schools, under the leadership of Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero, has launched a process of creating a new vision for the district that can answer that question, and in the next decade transform PPS into one of the premier systems in the country.

    The work includes three phases:

    Phase I, which has concluded,involved needs-finding work through interviews with individuals and focus groups.

    (Read the needs analysis report from Phase I)

    Phase II will include engagement sessions with representatives of Portland’s broad community, including teachers, administrators, parents, students,  elected officials, community-based organizations, city and county representatives, members of the funding community, and academic leaders. As the work develops through the 2018-19 school year, it will be regularly shared with the members of the broad community, who will have opportunities to provide input.

    In Phase III, a vision will be developed and drafted. The process is intended to produce four outcomes:

    1. The PPS Vision
    2. A graduate profile
    3. Educator portrait
    4. Strategic shifts and pathways

    The vision is intended to link student learning with life in the global community, and in particular the opportunities and imperatives of living and working in Portland.

    To facilitate the process, PPS has contracted Sonya Lopes and Fiona Hovenden of Prospect Studio as project managers.

    Coming soon: Milestones and Events calendar, including community meetings; project roadmap

Visioning updates

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  • Visioning effort moves forward with Guiding Coalition meetings

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Русский| Soomaali
    Portland Public Schools marked a significant milestone in the work to bring a long-term vision to the district earlier this month, with the first meetings of the PPS Guiding Coalition. The meetings, which included about 100 participants and were themed “Let’s Dream Together,” took place Dec. 7 at the Blanchard Education Service Center and all day Dec. 8 at Faubion School.
  • Meet the members of the Guiding Coalition

    The PPS Guiding Coalition includes students, educators, administrators, parents, business and community leaders, and central office staff. These individuals were identified and invited to join the Guiding Coalition by the Board of Education and Superintendent Guerrero.

    The Guiding Coalition will serve as the district’s steering committee for our Visioning work, which will continue through the spring. The Guiding Coalition will help us ensure that we are hearing from throughout our broad, diverse, dynamic school community, that we capture and synthesize what we are hearing, and that the final PPS Vision addresses and respects the dreams of those we serve.

  • Guiding Coalition set to meet in December

    We are excited to gather our Guiding Coalition for the first time, in December. The PPS Guiding Coalition is the steering committee for our Visioning initiative and represents a cross-section of our PPS stakeholder community.

  • Update from Project Lead Stephanie Soden

    Dear PPS Colleagues, 

    When Superintendent Guerrero first introduced the PPS Visioning initiative in June, we promised to keep you updated and apprised as we moved forward. I am excited to share with you our progress over the last several weeks, and to give you a peek at what is to come.

    First, we have named the initiative: Reimagining PPS Together. We tried to capture what it will mean to identify and define the district’s “North Star,” to determine what PPS can be, what it should be, and how we can get to our North Star together, as one, united district.



  • Project Lead: Stephanie Soden
    Chief of Staff

    Team Lead: Jonathan Garcia
    Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

Core Team

  • Core Team purpose: To coordinate and facilitate the design and delivery of a stakeholder engaged Visioning process and to provide operational and logistical support to the execution of the Visioning sessions. The members:

    Scott Bailey, Board Director
    Loretta Benjamin-Samuels, Senior Director, Talent Management
    Jill Bryant, Program Administrator, Student Health and Wellness
    Stephanie Cameron, Senior Director, Communications & Public Engagement
    Das Gupta, Manager, IT
    Camille Idedevbo, Corporate & Foundation Relations Officer
    Dani Ledezma, Special Advisor, Equity & Social Justice
    Kimberly Matier, Senior Director, Professional Learning
    Rosanne Powell, Senior Manager, Liaison to Board of Education
    David Roy, Consultant, Internal Communications
    Elisa Schorr, Director, High School Programs
    Aurora Terry, Senior Director, College & Career Readiness
    Courtney Westling, Director, Government Relations

    Executive Sponsors for Core Team: Rita Moore, Board Chair; Guadalupe Guerrero, Superintendent