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    What is the future of public education in Portland? Portland Public Schools, under the leadership of Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero, has launched a process of creating a new vision for the district that can answer that question, and in the next decade transform PPS into one of the premier systems in the country.

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  • Project Lead: Stephanie Soden
    Chief of Staff

    Team Lead: Jonathan Garcia
    Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

Core Team

  • Core Team purpose: To coordinate and facilitate the design and delivery of a stakeholder engaged Visioning process and to provide operational and logistical support to the execution of the Visioning sessions. The members:

    Scott Bailey, Board Director
    Loretta Benjamin-Samuels, Senior Director, Talent Management
    Jill Bryant, Program Administrator, Student Health and Wellness
    Stephanie Cameron, Senior Director, Communications & Public Engagement
    Das Gupta, Manager, IT
    Camille Idedevbo, Corporate & Foundation Relations Officer
    Dani Ledezma, Special Advisor, Equity & Social Justice
    Kimberly Matier, Senior Director, Professional Learning
    Rosanne Powell, Senior Manager, Liaison to Board of Education
    David Roy, Consultant, Internal Communications
    Elisa Schorr, Director, High School Programs
    Aurora Terry, Senior Director, College & Career Readiness
    Courtney Westling, Director, Government Relations

    Executive Sponsors for Core Team: Rita Moore, Board Chair; Guadalupe Guerrero, Superintendent