Enrollment & Program Balancing

  • Overview

    Portland Public Schools has launched a multi-year process to develop a plan to balance student enrollment and programs across our district, which serves nearly 50,000 students in 81 schools. Enrollment and Program Balancing uses both a data-driven analysis process and community input to address needs such as equity and inclusion, transportation, facilities constraints, and much more.

  • Why is PPS facilitating an enrollment balancing process?

February 2020 Update: Policy Revisions

  • As Board undertakes policy changes to guide balancing work, we need your feedback

    In order to make informed decisions on enrollment and program balancing, the PPS Board of Education is undertaking revisions to three policies that will guide the work.

    Click to view flyerTo help inform the revisions, the district’s Community Engagement team is collecting feedback through a questionnaire.

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    To see a summary flyer on the changes being considered, click on the image to right.

    The three policies that will be amended are (click on name to read the full policy):

    • 10.045-P: “Student Assignment to Neighborhood Schools.” The policy establishes a process for assigning students to neighborhood schools, and provides consistent guidelines for changes to school boundaries.
    • 10.051-P: “Student Enrollment and Transfers.” The policy intends to provide equal access to educational options for all resident students through an open, fair and accessible process and to promote equity and diversity in student transfers and admissions.
    • 10.022-P: “Education Options Policy.” The policy seeks to implement goals by offering students and their families the support they need to make informed choices among a variety of educational options, and to provide consistent guidelines and procedures for educational options.


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Megan Salvador
Project Manager

Coming Up

  • Tuesday, Feb. 18: Work session for Board of Education's School Improvement Bond Committee, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Mazama Conference Room (second floor, Blanchard Education Service Center). Scope of work for Enrollment and Program Balanacing will be reviewed. Materials and agenda will be available at the Board Meeting Materials webpage.

    Tuesday, Feb. 25: Board of Education meeting, starting at 6 p.m. Enrollment and Program Balancing scope of work will be voted upon, pending Board decision to do so. Materials will be available on the Board Meeting Materials webpage.

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