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  • Phase 2 Enrollment & Program Balancing Implementation Update 2/13/2023 - 2/20/2023

    This bi-monthly memo provides an update regarding the Phase 2 Enrollment & Program Balancing implementation work for the weeks of  2/13/2023 - 2/20/2023


    • Another meeting with Kristy Mize (Bridger principal) and the architect to review space needs in order to be aligned took place this week. This meeting was to occur last week but due to the inclement weather, we rescheduled for this week.

    • Our draft schedule for the building modification work is as follows:
      • Arch. Design complete by 4/16/23
      • Permit Review Submission to City on 4/17/23
      • Construction Bidding Start on 4/24/23
      • Construction Bids due 5/12/23
      • Contract Board Approval on 6/13/23
      • Construction Start on 6/16/23
      • Construction Substantially Complete by 8/25/23


    Various community building events have been underway across EPB schools. The Open House event at Bridger, Marysville and Lent were a success, with about 40 families in attendance at Marysville, 50 families in attendance at Lent, and 150 in attendance at Bridger. Additionally, staff from Childcare, Transportation, Enrollment and Transfer, and Facilities were in attendance. Staff members were able to respond to questions as they arose. We will continue to provide updates about community building events.. 


    Transportation will be provided to students going from Lent to Bridger and Bridger to Lent. As a result of space needs for childcare, Transportation is also willing to transport CSS students who are currently at Bridger back to CSS in the afternoon (after school) for childcare.


    Childcare concerns have been addressed. Champions, currently at Harrison Park, will provide childcare at Lent. They will need 10 students in the morning and 20 students in the afternoon for the program to be sustainable. We believe this goal is achievable because of the families transitioning from Bridger School. Campfire will remain at the Clark building and will serve Harrison Park, K-5 students. There is a request for transportation to be provided from Bridger School to the Clark building for parents who want their children to remain with Campfire. 

    Enrollment & Transfer

    K-5 transfer cycle is open through March 17.  Custom transition letters to SE impacted families were emailed/mailed last week.  We will have a count of requests for principals to review after spring break.

    Nutrition Services

    We met with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), Child Nutrition Programs Director and Specialists on Feb 21 to review the process for Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) election for the 2023-24 school year. CEP is the federal provision that allows us to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students. The data used for this election process is pulled on April 1st.  Since there are multiple schools (both current CEP and non-CEP) changing enrollment and boundaries, we discussed  how we would proceed with reviewing direct certification data and proposing which eligible schools could be considered after April.  At this time, the plan and guidance from ODE is to review the data once all students have shifted enrollment in Synergy (late July/early August), but hopefully finalized in a quick timeline to notify and communicate with school leaders and each school community. 


    Clark ES has been added in Synergy for school year 2023-24. 2023-24 enrollments for next year's Clark DLI program students have now been imported into the Synergy Production database, completing NYR DLI adjustments. Our next step is to work on 2023-24 enrollment adjustments related to boundary changes.

  • Phase 2 Enrollment & Program Balancing Implementation Update - Weeks of 1/30/2023-2/6/2023

    This memo provides an update regarding the Phase 2 enrollment & program balancing implementation work for the weeks of 1/30/2023-2/6/2023.

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  • Phase 2 Enrollment & Program Balancing Implementation Update - Weeks of 1/16/2023-1/31/2023

    This weekly memo provides an update regarding the Phase 2 enrollment & program balancing implementation work for the weeks of 1/16/2023-1/31/2023.

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  • Strengthening Our Southeast Schools

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Soomaali| Русский

    Dear Southeast PPS families and staff,

    We want to provide you with some updates regarding the Southeast Enrollment & Program Balancing implementation. As a reminder, last spring the PPS School Board approved boundary changes for fall 2023 that expand access to middle schools, and strengthen enrollment at small elementary and dual-language immersion programs. On October 25, 2022, the Board also passed resolution 6599 to move the Lent English Scholars to Marysville at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year.

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  • What about new students whose siblings attend the former neighborhood schools?

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  • Will transportation continue for students who remain at the former neighborhood school?

  • Which programs are moving to new locations next year?

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