• Teacher and Administrator Appreciation Week


    From May 2 to 8, we celebrate Teacher and School Administrator Appreciation Week (see the Board Resolution 6292), which recognizes the daily work of our teachers and administrators and their commitment to excellence in education for all students in Portland Public Schools. Throughout the week, we will highlight some of our outstanding teachers and administrators on this page.

    Videos: Images below with a play button include a video tribute. Click the button to watch!

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    Name: Leticia Cortinas
    School: Astor K-8 School

  • On Leticia:

  • Anne Miles

    Name: Anne Miles
    School: Buckman Elementary School

  • On Anne:

  • Diane Berthoin-Hernandez

    Name: Diane Berthoin-Hernandez
    School: Virtual Scholars

  • On Diane:

  • Anabel Muñana

    Name: Anabel Muñana
    School: Beaumont Middle School

  • On Anabel:

  • Elizabeth Israel-Davis

    Name: Elizabeth Israel-Davis
    Department: Humanities, OTL

  • On Elizabeth:

  • Sara Forrest

    Name: Sara Forrest
    School: Cleveland High School

  • On Sara:

  • Jessica Jendrzejek

    Name: Jessica Jendrzejek
    School: Capitol Hill Elementary School

  • On Jessica:

  • Mila Edwards

    Name: Mila Edwards
    School: Ainsworth Elementary School

  • On Mila:

  • Samantha Einarsson

    Name: Samantha Einarsson
    School: Ainsworth Elementary School

  • On Samantha:

  • Sarabeth Leitch

    Name: Sarabeth Leitch
    School: Leodis McDaniel High School

  • On Sarabeth:

  • Jaina Kapranos

    Name: Jaina Kapranos
    School: Richmond Elementary School

  • On Jaina:

  • Darcy Rudnick

    Name: Darcy Rudnick
    School: Buckman Elementary School

  • On Darcy:

  • Celina Arellano

    Name: Celina Arellano
    School: Sitton Elementary School

  • On Celina:

  • Michael Williams

    Name: Michael Williams
    School: Grant High School

  • On Michael:

  • Anna Wooley

    Name: Anna Wooley
    School: Roosevelt High School

  • On Anna:

  • Christian Timmerman

    Name: Christian Timmerman
    School: Lane Middle School

  • On Chrisitan:

  • Erika Alabarca

    Name: Erika Alabarca
    School: Roseway Heights Middle School

  • On Erika:

  • Kelly Nichols

    Name: Kelly Nichols
    School: Metropolitan Learning Center

  • On Kelly:

  • Nahir Perez

    Name: Nahir Perez
    School: Rigler Elementary School

  • On Nahir:

  • Valerie Turner

    Name: Valerie Turner
    School: Beaumont Middle School

  • On Valerie:

  • Vincent Chirimwami

    Name: Vincent Chirimwami
    School: Faubion PK-8 School

  • On Vincent:

  • Louis Mair

    Name: Louis Mair
    School: Harriet Tubman Middle School 

  • On Principal Mair:

  • Shalonda McGhee

    Name: Shalonda McGhee
    School: Chapman Elementary School

  • On Shalonda:

  • Rose Palmer

    Name: Rose Palmer
    Position: TOSA, Columbia

  • On Rose:

  • Andrea Porter-Lopez

    Name: Andrea Porter-Lopez
    School: Woodlawn Elementary School

  • On Principal Porter-Lopez:

  • Diedre Iwersen

    Name: Deidre Iwersen
    School: Rosa Parks Elementary School

  • On Deidre:

  • Gillian Grimm

    Name: Gillian Grimm
    School: Sunnyside Environmental K-8 

  • On Gillian:

  • Laura Sayler

    Name: Laura Sayler
    School: Hosford Middle School

  • On Laura:

  • Nancy Arteaga

    Name: Nancy Arteaga
    School: Lane Middle School

  • On Nancy:

  • Suzanna Kassouf

    Name: Suzanna Kassouf
    School: Grant High School

  • On Suzanna:

  • Liz Markovich

    Name: Liz Markovich
    School: Woodstock Elementary School

  • On Liz: