• Student Success and Health Roles and Responsibilities

    Counseling Support-Professional development training and support to PPS school counselors (K-12). Contact: Nicole Kappes-Levine, 503-916-3036.

    Child Abuse Reporting- Procedures and Protocol. Contact: James Loveland, 503-916-5460 or Liane O'Banion, 503-568-2646

    Drug and Alcohol Evaluations- Coordination and access to community-based providers. Contact: Amy Ruona-Banister, 971-291-0836

    Health Services- Coordination and access to school health services. Contact: Leti Ayala, Health Services Coordinator, 971-413-1614

    Insight Class- Prevention/early intervention alcohol or other drug program for students grades 6 –12. Contact: Mary Krogh 503-577-6104

    LGBTQ Resources and GSA Support- Assist schools in identifying and accessing resources to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students and families and gay straight alliance clubs. Contact: Mila Rodriguez-Adair, 503-916-3687

    Mental Health Services- Coordination/consultation/evaluation/planning for K-12 students with social, emotional and behavioral issues impacting school success and/or school safety. Includes suicide and threat of violence protocols. Contact Amy Ruona-Banister, 971-291-0836

    Section 504- District-wide coordination of Section 504 supports to students with disabilities under Section 504. 
    Contact: Nicole Kappes-Levine, 503-916-3036

    Student Success Center (SSC)- A 3-week intensive behavioral skill intervention program for students grades 6 – 12. 
    Contact: SSC staff 503-916-5494

    Title IX - Harassment or Discrimination (definitions here)

    Contact: Dr. Liane O'Banion, 503-568-2646 (cell)