• Safety Plan

    The purpose of a Safety Plan is to establish and maintain consistent measures for school personnel to follow in cases when a student displays unsafe behavior AND is considered at risk for future unsafe behavior (i.e., threat to self or others including cutting, fire setting, inappropriate sexual touching).

    An individual student safety plan is generally short-term and, unlike a typical behavior plan, it addresses specific behavior that is dangerous to the student and/or others. Refer to the Individual Student Safety Plan Protocols for more information about how to create an Individual Student Safety Plan.

    Individual Safety Plan Protocols  (pdf)

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    Individual Student Safety Plan (doc)

    Scan and email a copy of the Safety Plan to studentservices@pps.net. Please also email us if you are discontinuing a current plan.

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    If you have questions regarding these procedures or need to consult about an individual student safety plan, please feel free to call:

    Student Services