• Phase 2 Enrollment & Program Balancing Implementation Update 4/7/2023

    Please check out the Enrollment & Program Balancing website for updates on frequently asked questions, including site-specific questions. The FAQ is updated based on questions that are received in Let’s Talk. Please continue to forward families with questions to utilize Let’s Talk. The team monitors and answers questions posed weekly. Today’s update will be uploaded to the website within the next few days.

    Operations met with Bridger Principal, Dr. Kristy Mize, to discuss and finalize classroom grade assignments.  Architects have provided a plan of the locker room to shared office space conversion, which has been shared with Dr. Mize. The plan has been approved and the construction project manager will let architects know to move forward. Operations teams will be updating the implementation manuals for high impact schools and will be available for meetings with schools. Project leads were invited to Clark staff meetings to discuss construction at Clark and packing timeline. Principals will be reminded of the move template Google Form. When staffing is assigned, they can update their move sheets.

    Furthermore, our team is holding a meeting on Friday, April 7th to provide principals with information needed for moves, including specific move information for curriculum and equipment, PAT extended hours, and other information. This meeting will be recorded for those who can not attend. We have a hold on Friday, April 14th for a follow up meeting to answer additional questions. 

    Community building events within and across school sites are underway. In this document, you can find a log of all community building activities. We will update this page as school teams report on activities. 

    New Hazard Zones for EPB schools approved to move to the BOE by the Facility & Operations committee members.

    We have the site visit sign-up sheet to go out to principals this week. Site visits are to determine what curriculum will need to be packed up by the IRC and to identify a central location at the school where teachers can take curriculum not needed next year. Focus-sites are Bridger, CSS, Harrison Park, Hosford, Lent, and Mt. Tabor, which are the schools with the most curriculum movement happening between buildings/programs. Kellogg and Marysville will not require site visits as programs are only moving into their buildings.

    We are currently working on identifying what counts as current/obsolete curriculum at the schools in order to provide specific guidance to teachers on what to do with their materials.

    We also made a Google Site for curriculum specific updates and an FAQ.

    Library Services
    We scheduled a meeting with Julie Roeder to clarify procedures for moving specific parts of library collection to specific locations.