• Phase 2 Enrollment & Program Balancing (EPB) Implementation Biweekly Update 4/17/2023

    This bimonthly memo provides an update regarding Phase 2 of the Enrollment & Program Balancing (EPB) implementation since 4/6/2023. 

    Please check out the Enrollment & Program Balancing website for updates on frequently asked questions, including site-specific questions. The FAQ is updated based on questions that are received in Let’s Talk. There are no new updates at this time. 

    In this document, you can find a log of all community building activities across SE EPB schools. We will update this page as school teams report on activities. Information and listening sessions for the Creative Science School have been added for 4/25 and 5/2 at 9:00am. There are no other updates at this time. 

    Implementation and Core Team
    The core team met with SE high impact principals on 4/7 and 4/14 to provide information on the process for moves with staff. We reviewed our timeline and information about general classroom moves, moves for specials, moves for curriculum, and moves for the Office of Information and Technology Services. We have created a presentation that principals can share in their staff meeting on 4/18. At least one representative from the Central Office will attend staff meetings at our high impact schools to answer questions or take questions back to ensure they are addressed appropriately.  

    We are working to have implementation manuals completed the week of 4/17 to be provided to our high impact schools. These manuals will provide Principals with clear instructions and action items to ensure a smooth transition. 

    Champions continues to work with the Lent families through the PTA to provide an overview of the timeline to establish childcare at Lent.

    Enrollment & Transfer
    K-5 lottery and hardship petition results will be released to schools and families the week of 4/24.  

    Textbook Services sent emails to the principals, assistant principals, and library staff of school that require programs or grade levels to be moved out of their current site (Bridger, Creative Science, Harrison Park, Hosford, Lent, and Mt. Tabor). These emails contained general expectations for the curriculum packing process and provided a sign-up sheet for site visits, where Textbook Services will provide clarity on what they will pack and what can stay with teachers or be disposed onsite. The Consumable Refresh order form is now live and will be open through 4/28.

    Library Services
    Library Services met with library staff at Harrison Park, Creative Science, and Bridger to create  a timeline for the move and answer questions about moving the library collection materials and collection data.

    Transition at Lane Middle School|
    I wanted to make you aware that we have a transition of leadership at Lane Middle School. We wish Dr. Coleman well and thank her for her dedication, passion for education, and commitment to helping students succeed.

    We recognize that a transition in the middle of the school year is challenging. I am pleased to share that Mr. Mike Rowell has returned to Lane this week on a temporary basis.  

    Announcing New Principal at Clark Elementary School and New Interim Principal at Hayhurst ES