• Discontinued Assessments and Data Resources

    This page lists resources and assessments that are no longer available or supported by the System Planning and Performance Department.



    Following is the announcement from Administrator's Connections on 2/21/18 and 6/12/18

    Please share this message with your teachers. 

    As our assessment and reporting tools evolve over time, it is occasionally necessary to discontinue use of certain data capture and reporting tools. In that spirit, we will be shutting off both the phonics survey data capture tool (PK2LA) and the online PPS developed data wall reporting tool at the end of this school year (end of June 2018).

    The phonics survey measures have not been district-required measures for a number of years. As our shift towards equity-based balanced literacy continues, the curriculum department will support other formative assessments that empower teachers to be instructional decision-makers. If you have teachers who will continue to use the phonics survey measures by their own choice, they should make plans to record their data in a grade book, spreadsheet or other manner. A generic spreadsheet template is available for those who need it. 

    Our administrator and teacher dashboards (https://dashboard.pps.net) now have reports that provide the same information included in the PPS-created data wall tool. Because we want to emphasize use of the dashboard metrics and reports, please direct teachers to begin using the dashboard reports that show literacy data in place of the data wall tool. For assistance accessing relevant dashboard reports, please use these guides: Admin Dashboard guide, Teacher Dashboard guide