• Archived Data


    Global Key Performance Indicators - Disaggregated: Scenario 1. Scenario 2. Districtwide data for global key performance indicators. Used to compare scenarios by estimated outcomes. Updated with 2015-16 enrollment data. 

    Quadrant Key Performance Indicators. For each quadrant and every school, a summary of the current state of enrollment/school programs as well as a side by side comparison of key performance indicators by scenario. Updated with 2015-16 enrollment data and updated preliminary forecasts based on 2015 enrollment.

    School Reports. Individual reports on key performance indicators by school, for Scenarios 1 and 2. Includes updated 2015-16 enrollment data.  

    High School Enrollment Report. An analysis of enrollments at high schools under current boundaries and proposed scenarios.

    High School Assignment Comparison. Compares high school assignments for the current boundaries and the proposed scenarios and models.

    Bus Eligibility Report. Compares number and percent of bus eligible students within the current boundaries and proposed Scenarios 1 and 2.