•  About Research and Evaluation

    The role of the Research and Evaluation team is to inform decision-making and policy with evidence. We use and recommend several data collection methods, including direct stakeholder engagement and extant data sources. We ensure high-quality data collection through strategically partnering and working closely with school communities.

    Our team:

    • Evaluates district programs and manages external evaluations
    • Conducts districtwide surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other qualitative data collection activities
    • Conducts descriptive and inferential statistical analyses
    • Provides research and evaluation support to district departments
    • Reviews and approves external research projects
    • Supports the district's Strategic Plan and other important initiatives
    • Serve as district thought leaders and researchers


Dr Liz Gilkey
Research & Evaluation Manager
Dr Jordan Vossen
Evaluator III
Dr Nathan Johnson
Evaluator III
Evaluator I/II