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Data Management

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    The role of the Data Management team includes monitoring the transformation of data from the district’s Student Information System, Human Resources System, and Assessment Vendors into the Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse data is used as the base for many of the reports and analytics that are produced by the Research, Assessment, and Accountability department as well as the district’s Dashboards which are used by school staff and central administration. Quality information is a prerequisite for sound data-based decisions.

    The Data Management team also creates and publishes all of the reports and metrics that are available on the district’s Dashboards.

    Areas of Responsibility

    • Develop and maintain all Dashboard content including both metrics and reports.
    • Work with school and central office staff to identify reporting needs to aid data-driven decisions in areas such as monitoring students-at-risk.
    • Train district staff on navigation and content of Dashboards.
    • Research data inaccuracies and determine the cause.
      • When the cause is due to the transformation of data between the source system and the Data Warehouse, report the data inaccuracy and research findings to IT or the Data Warehouse vendor for correction.
      • Monitor reported issues and track progress of corrections. Test corrections.
    • When new assessments are adopted by the district, define them in the data warehouse and set up load processes. Include the new assessments on Dashboard content and design reports for them.
    • Provide datasets for internal and external research and grant evaluations.
    • Advise Research, Assessment, and Accountability staff on retrieving data from the Data Warehouse.


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Stephen Wickman
Data Warehouse Manager
(503) 916-6118