• Conducting Research in Portland Public Schools

    Thank you for your interest in conducting research in Portland Public Schools (PPS). This page provides information for external researchers, partners, and PPS employees about conducting research, administering surveys, conducting interviews or focus groups, or other data collection activities in PPS.

    Process and Requirements for Research or Data Collection

    At PPS, we welcome proposals from researchers who wish to conduct studies in the district, particularly when the studies are of high importance to PPS or the field of education. Due to the large number of requests for cooperation in optional research studies, in 2002 the PPS Board of Directors approved Administrative Directive 3.30.033-AD, which established the Research Review Committee and a formal proposal process for any research studies or data collection activities conducted in the district.

    In order to support researchers with developing proposals to conduct research, the Research Review Committee developed a Research Proposal Guide that details the process of submitting a proposal to conduct research in the district. Please download a copy of the Guide from this site prior to preparing a proposal, to ensure you are using the latest version.

    Research Proposal GuideRefer to the Research Proposal Guide for more information about how to prepare a proposal.

    Timeline for Submitting Proposals

    The Research Review Committee convenes three times a year to review and make determinations on proposals. Proposals submitted after the deadline will be reviewed in the next Committee meeting. 

    Proposal Due Dates

    Committee Response Dates

    October 1

    November 1

    February 1

    March 1

    May 1*

    June 1

    * Proposals received after May 1 will be reviewed the following October 


    PPS Employees

    PPS employees conducting research to complete coursework or degree requirements are subject to the research proposal requirements as stated above. 

    Internal Survey Administration at PPS

    If you are a PPS employee, contact the review committee at research@pps.net if you need to conduct a survey that includes one or more of these criteria:

    • Includes survey questions of a potentially sensitive nature;
    • Involves respondents outside your assigned school or department;
    • Requires participation;
    • Will be reported publicly (e.g., published on a school website, higher education classroom presentation, academic conferences, etc.); or
    • Will be used to complete coursework or degree requirements.

    Research Proposal GuideRefer to this Survey Process Guide for more information for PPS employees about administering surveys at PPS.

    Focus Groups, Interviews, Phone Banking, or other Qualitative Research Activities

    PPS employees can contact research@pps.net for support with qualitative research activities like focus groups, interviews, phone banking.

    Data Requests

    PPS employees requesting data can submit a request to support@pps.net.

    Contact information

    Research Review Committee


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