• Project & Construction Management

     Department staff has expertise in project management, design, development and construction. Project & Construction Management goals are to help school staff and community members implement and complete safe, successful projects and ensure that projects are in compliance with applicable codes and district standards. Project Management staff will provide technical assistance to volunteer projects, act as resources and authorize projects.

    Steps to a Successful Project

    1. Develop your idea: define the scope of work and secure your funding source.

    2. Review with your on-site administrator (Principal, etc).

    3. Submit your Project Development Request (PDR): At this time, the  Project Management team is accepting limited requests for projects that must meet the following criteria:

    a. Emergency: Fire/life hazards or water intrusion issues

    b. Self-funded (non-Facilities funded): Full funds are currently available for your project

    c. Volunteer: Labor, materials and supplies are provided by volunteers or donations.

    If your project meets the above criteria, please call (503) 916-3401, who will assist you with the PDR submission

    4. Facilities will review your PDR request.

    5. If your project is approved for development, a Facilities Project Manager will be assigned to your project and will contact you.