• Project & Construction Management

    Our staff has expertise in project management, design, development and construction. Department goals are to help school staff and community members implement and complete successful projects to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable codes and district standards through the Project Development Request (PDR) process. Project Management staff will provide technical assistance to volunteer projects, act as resources, and authorize projects. 

    All changes to school campuses and District buildings must use the PDR process.

    Due to the continued foreign and domestic supply chain disruptions, project timelines and completion dates are being delayed. These delays could be up to several months. Furthermore, due to the continued rise in inflation, project costs are increasing.  Your FAM Project Manager will be able to keep you updated.  Thank you for your patience as we work through this.

    Specific Projects that we are seeing consistant materials delay:

    1. Heating & Ventilation related
    2. Access Control & Security related (card readers, security cameras, batteries, other equip.)
    3. Technology related (projectors, cameras, WAPs, etc)
    4. Any specialized or custom material or equipment

    Any work that must be completed while the building is not occupied (mainly over summer break) PDR's must be submitted no later than Friday, January 27th, 2023.  Any requests after this date may need to be delayed or the project may finish after the start of school in the Fall 2023. 


    PDR Submission Steps:

    1. Project Development Request (PDR) Guidelines & Requirements
    2. PDR Form    Please submit your request through this form only.  Do not send directly to a Project Manager.



    FAM Project Workflow

    PDR Prioritization Process


    Questions? Please call: (503) 916-3308.


Director-Construction & Project Management
Steve Smith
Sr. Project Manager
Steve Meunier
Sr. Project Manager
Joanna Evenson
Sr. Project Manager
Jon Athey
Sr. Project Manager
Allen Carpenter
Project Manager
Theresa Fagin
Project Manager
Terri Johnson
Project Manager
Rebecca Winn
Code Compliance-ADA Manager
Tracy Enbysk
Bus Ops Analyst I-Project Coordinator/Budget
Jen Wishart
Bus Ops Analyst I-Billing
Sidney McLaren
Bus Ops Analyst I-Contracting
Nicholas Sukkau
Bus Ops Spec-Document Control