• Project Management & Construction 


    Our staff has expertise in project management, design, development and construction. Department goals are to help school staff and community members implement and complete successful projects to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable codes and district standards through the Project Development Request (PDR) process. Project Management staff will provide technical assistance through the PDR process to complete projects that are needed to repair and replace parts of facilities and to provide scoping services for new projects that do not have funding. Project Management and Construction has a very limited budget and cannot fund new projects that do not have their own funding for a project. The scoping process will provide applicants with information on how much a project might cost and a timeline for how long it would take to execute once the applicant obtains the funding.  The PDR Workflow diagram below illustrates how projects are reviewed and at what points you can expect to hear from the status of a project through your assigned project manager. 

    All Repairs and Replacement to school campuses and District buildings must use the PDR form in the link below.

    All New Project Requests must use the PDR form for new projects in the link below.

    Project Managers will reach out to you once a project has been accepted and will keep you informed. Work is prioritized based on how critical the project is to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for staff and students. Thank you for your patience as we evaluate all projects promptly and assess how quickly the issue can be addressed.

    Due to Budget and Staffing constraints, we are only able to address facility issues that are critical in nature; we will respond to your request as soon as capacity and budget allow. 

    PDR Submission Steps:

    1. Project Development Request (PDR) Guidelines & Requirements
    2. PDR Form - New Projects (Only for Scoping new projects)
    3. PDR FORM - Repair & replacement


    PDR Work flow


    Questions? Please call: (503) 916-3308.


Lydia Neill
Director- Project Management & Construction
Steve Smith
Sr. Project Manager
Steve Meunier
Sr. Project Manager
Joanna Evenson
Sr. Project Manager
Jon Athey
Sr. Project Manager
Allen Carpenter
Project Manager
Theresa Fagin
Project Manager
Terri Johnson
Project Manager
Code Compliance Manager
Tracy Enbysk
Bus Ops Analyst II-Project Coordinator/Budget
Jen Wishart
Bus Ops Analyst II-Billing
Sidney McLaren
Bus Ops Analyst I-Contracting
Nicholas Sukkau
Bus Ops Spec-Document Control