Long-Range Facility Plan

    Portland Public Schools' Board of Education accepted the Long-Range Facility Plan in December 2021 after a year of development and engagement with the broader District community. The Long-Range Facility Plan outlines a sequence of planning processes intended to guide future capital measures. 

    The plan synthesizes three primary considerations: 


    • Educational program requirements
    • Enrollment and capacity
    • Facility condition


    These considerations are guided by a strategic vision established by the district and informed by input from the broader district community. This Long-Range Facility Plan is grounded in and developed in coordination with the district's values as articulated across the following documents and initiatives:


    • Portland Public Schools reImagined
    • Forward Together: 2021–2025 Strategic Plan for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Excellence
    • PPS Racial Equity and Social Justice Lens
    • Portland Public Schools Energy & Sustainability Standards
    • PPS Climate Crisis Response Policy [Emerging]
    • ADA Transition Plan
    • Middle School Redesign


    This work is an opportunity to institute lasting change by re-envisioning teaching and learning environments. We garnered ideas from diverse communities and developed a representative vision for the future of our schools.




    All large school districts in Oregon are required to complete a Long-Range Facility Plan every ten years. The purpose of the document is to plan for future capital improvements within the context of current educational vision and student enrollment trends over the next 10 to 15 years. The plan provides a strategic framework to be tested against community voice and vision prior to future bond campaigns. A Long-Range Facility Plan is intended to provide clear sightlines for the management of Portland Public Schools facilities over time, such that they continually support the ongoing success of district students, staff, and community. 

    The plan also addresses the requirements of OAR 581-027-0040, Long-Range Facility Plan Requirements, and Section 5 of ORS 195.110, School Facility Plan for Large School Districts. In doing so, this plan creates a framework for future bond-planning efforts, reflects community values, and targets alignment with community capital support.

    This is a Living Document


    This document falls within a sequence of steps recommended by the state before capital Bond planning. Preceding this document is a multi-year facility condition assessment and enrollment forecasts outlining student population trends for the next fifteen (15) years. Building on these efforts, this plan documents capital forecasts in the context of educational vision, building condition, and building capacity. 

    Many steps remain before a capital measure can be referred to the voters. It is essential to recognize that this document does not make commitments that will require future Board action or make specific recommendations for future Bonds. Instead, this document is intended to provide a framework to be tested against community voice and vision before future capital measures. 





2021 Long-Range Facility Plan