• Long Range Facilities Plan  
    The Long Range Facility Plan (LRFP) provides the Portland Public Schools (PPS) Board of Education (Board) with goals and guiding principles for use in capital investment decisions and is an important source document for future capital bond planning. 
    The Board affirmed in Resolution 4608 a LRFP premise that qualities of educational environments contributes to success of students and teachers.  The Board affirmed the goals, guiding principles and methodologies of the LRFP as the basis for capital investments in District facilities.  The Board also affirmed the next steps, listed in the table below, of the LRFP to begin implementation of the LRFP. 
    The LRFP complies with Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 195.110 which requires "large" school districts (those with more than 2,500 students) to develop a long-term facility plan.  Cities and/or counties that contain more than 10% of the population of a large school district must then adopt the facility plan as an element of their comprehensive plans.  PPS participated in the update of the City of Portland (City) Comprehensive Plan and the City adopted the LRFP by reference.
    PPS staff worked closely with the LRFP Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) to develop the plan.  The Advisory Committee learned about PPS facilities through a series of issue papers.