• School Buildings: Conditions and Characteristics

    PPS manages a significant portfolio of Portland’s public buildings and is responsible for the second largest acreage of property in the city, just after Portland Parks and Recreation. Faced with aging schools that were built to address the educational needs of the past century, our community has important decisions to make:

    • What building improvements are needed to support 21st century teaching and learning and better serve our community?
    • What renovations will ensure safe, warm and dry schools?
    • What improvements can we make to conserve resources and save money?
    • What will this cost and how do we pay for the necessary improvements?


    Reports on PPS Building Conditions

    To answer these questions, work began to learn all we could about the conditions and characteristics of our schools, as well as what our staff and community expect of these facilities. In June 2007, a team of experts began a comprehensive survey of PPS properties, looking at building conditions, operating systems and capacity issues. This eight-month assessment yielded a large amount of information and data.

    In 2008, Magellan Consulting Inc. completed an evaluation of the major systems in each Portland Public Schools building, including plumbing, electrical, lighting, heating and ventilation, life and fire safety, flooring, roofing, windows and doors, structure, technology, fencing, play equipment and exterior amenities. 

    The Magellan report also measured the capacity of each building to provide the educational program in place at that building at that time (such as library space for all grade levels or science classrooms for 6-12 students).  Including this measurement skewed some results.  At East Sylvan, for example, the building was assessed for its capacity to house a full 6-8 program when it was only housing sixth graders.  The buidling's lack of a second gym, for example, counted against East Sylvan in its rating.  View the Magellan ratings for all schools, which are used only as a baseline today.

    The 2012 facilities condition index (FCI) includes updated estimated costs for seismic, roofing, and ADA repairs.  It includes only building system deficiencies and does not measure the capacity of a building to provide a specific educational program.  View the condition ratings for each of our schools.  Please note that the index does not reflect improvements (such as seismic strengthening, new roofs and improved accessibility) made at more than 45 buildings through the 2012 PPS School Building Improvement Bond.