• Code Compliance


    The City of Portland Bureau of Development Services requires permission for change of use. Site administrators should contact Projects & Construction if they are planning on changing the use of a classroom or space.


    All site administrators must maintain current fire and earthquake drill documentation in the red “Fire & Life Safety” book located in the office. Schools enrolled in the K-2 on the Second Floor Program must perform fire drills weekly through September.


    Help keep PPS in compliance with applicable municipal codes by adhering to the following:

    • Classroom seating: Arrange aisles to allow 30 inches for exit pathways.
    • Classroom doors: Close doors when classrooms are not occupied. Classroom doors may be in the open position when occupied to allow for improved ventilation by two means; electro-magnetic holder tied to the fire alarm system or by a one gallon container filled with sand. Wood wedges, bricks and concrete blocks are prohibited. Displays on doors exceeding 10% of the door area are prohibited.
    • Recycling: A 15-gallon combustible recycling container per classroom at the teacher’s desk is acceptable. Empty contents regularly.
    • Displays and artwork: Displays constructed of combustible material (i.e. paper or fabric) must not exceed 20% of a wall surface. Displays must be constructed of flame retardant material or treated displays with approved fire retardant, which is available through the warehouse. Maintain proof that displays and artwork are flame retardant. Label roll paper dispenser “FIRE RETARDANT”. Save packaging labels. For applied fire retardant treatment, provide a test sample of display material that is 1 inch wide x 12 inch long with the date applied, name of applier, and labeled “FIRE RETARDANT TEST SAMPLE”.
    • Displays near ceilings: Using light fixtures, fire sprinklers, ceiling tiles, or ceiling grids to support displays is prohibited. Two wires per classroom are allowed for displays. The wires must be a minimum 84” from the floor when fully loaded.
    • Electrical: Use of outlet adaptors that increase outlet capacity are prohibited. Use of extension cords to provide a means of permanent power is prohibited. Use of extension cords as a means of providing temporary power to a device is acceptable. Temporary is not full time use. Remove extension cord when not in use. Device is defined as a portable piece of equipment such as overhead or data projector. Holiday lights, such as Christmas tree lights are prohibited. Plug strips purchased through the warehouse are acceptable means of providing, extending or increasing outlet capacity. Use of refrigerators and microwave ovens are strongly discouraged and can only be plugged directly into the wall outlet. Electrical panels must have 36” of unobstructed and free-and-clear area directly in front of the panel.


    Do not place combustible displays in stairwells. Maintain corridors and stairwells free-and-clear of objects that could obstruct emergency egress. Cross-corridor displays and banners are prohibited.


    Maintain 24-inch aisles throughout storeroom. Maintain 24-inch clearance between storage & ceiling. Maintain 24-inch clear pathway to fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler valves and fire alarm panels. Stored items on the top shelves should not exceed 18-inches in height. Maintain at least 18-inch clearance directly below sprinklers.


    Boiler rooms are to be maintained in a clean orderly fashion. Boiler rooms are not to be used as storerooms. Combustible materials such as paper & cardboard are prohibited in boiler rooms. Flammable liquids must be stored in flammable liquid cabinets with doors closed & latched at all times. A clearance of 36 inches of electrical panels or equipment disconnects is required. Grease / oil laden rags used for cleaning oil filters must be placed in an approved metal type 1 flammable material disposal container. Containers are red with self-closing lid. Call Herb Wagner ext. 74277 for disposal.


    Storage is not allowed in MDF & HDF rooms. Nothing may be placed within 36 inches of electrical panels or equipment disconnects.

    ELECTRICAL SUB DISTRIBUTION PANELS: (Located in custodial closets, storerooms & corridors)

    Clearance of 36 inches of electrical sub distribution panels is required. Panels located in corridors and stairwells should be closed & locked at all times. Maintain 24-inch clear pathway to fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler valves.


    Storage is not allowed in mechanical rooms, fan rooms, plenums or elevator equipment rooms. Clearance of 36 inches of equipment disconnects is required. Maintain 24-inch clear pathway to fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler valves.


    Fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets and fire alarm pull stations are to remain unobstructed, with access free and clear at all times.