• Warehouse

    The PEC Distribution Center has several different functions, all coordinated by the warehouse staff. Responsibilities include the purchasing, inventorying, and management of all stock items, the processing and delivery of MSR(Material Stock Requests), the pony, record retention and retrieval, and the mail room.

    IRC (Instructional Resource Center): The warehouse is responsible for receiving, storing, and shipping all instructional materials requests, these include text books, science kits, loaner libraries, etc... The IRC communicates and coordinates the "Curriculum Reclamation Program" with the Warehouse.

    Mail Services/Pony: Every day during the school year when the district is open, the Pony will make daily deliveries to all sites included on the Pony schedule. The Pony picks up and delivers all intra district mail. It may also pick up and/or deliver urgent material stock requests, items for the Music Shop, Imaging Services, Clothes Closet, Library Services, confidential destruction, School House Supplies, student record transfers, science kits, instructional materials, and loaner libraries. There is a summer schedule, from late June thru mid August, dates announced prior to end of each school year, when the service is reduced, due to school closures.

    Records: The warehouse serves as a storage facility for records required to be retained by law. At this time there are over 9,000 boxes of records being stored.

    Storage/Work Space: Several departments utilize space in the warehouse: IT has two secured cages for storage, as well as work space for receiving and working on equipment. Research and Evaluation has a secured cage for storage and processing. The warehouse also provides storage for Facilities, Security, Imaging Services, Human Resources, the Music Shop, Nutrition Services, and various special programs such as Title 1, Columbia Regional, and Summer Academy.

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