• Furniture and Moves

    Welcome to the Furniture and Moves page.

  • Creating a Furniture Request 

    All Furniture requests will require a  Furniture request form submitted. Please have your full account codes known prior to starting the request form. If you have questions about the furniture and what is available please contact furniture@pps.net

    Current available furniture inventory can be found here.

  • Creating an Admin Site Move Request

    Admin Move requests, and Space corrections should be made in TRIRIGA, at pps.ecifm.net, there are instructions below. All requests need to be submitted through the Admin.

    If you need a Tririga account set up please email tririga-admin@pps.net.  

    Instructions can be found here.

Making a Move or Furniture Request

  • Instructions and User Guide

  • Additional Furniture Information

    • Shopping visits to the PPS warehouse are not permitted.
    • All furniture will be delivered by movers – no personal pick ups.
    • There are no PPS furniture sales planned at this time.
  • Cost

    Please work with your head custodian and staff to determine what needs can be met with on-site furniture and coordination of delivery and pick up. You will get one delivery/pick up per school year free of charge, and any additional deliveries or pick ups will be charged to the school after that.

    Furniture deliveries, moves and cube changes are charged back to your department. Contact your budget holder to confirm funds can be allocated for your request


    Items NOT in PPS furniture inventory:  Circle-time rugs, chart pack holders, office supplies, ergonomic supports, athletic equipment, art supplies, all kinds of lamps, coat racks, art drying racks, phones, computers, school curriculum, instruments or music stands. 


    Marker boards, bulletin boards: order these through the Private Marketplace or KCDA (standard is a 4’ x 8’ low gloss, magnetic board). Installation is via a Maintenance Work Request. Must have board on site prior to making the Maintenance Work Request 


    Projector screens: order through Private Marketplace for Office Depot; Quartet Wall or Ceiling Projection Screen 70”x70”. Installation is completed through a Maintenance Work Request once item in on site