• Electrical Load Reduction

    Our aging buildings pose many challenges. One significant problem district-wide is that our electrical infrastructure is inadequate to meet today’s needs. When we exceed the electrical load capacity in our buildings, we create a potential fire hazard, putting staff and students at risk. It also adds to our electrical bills and is environmentally unsound.

    Facilities is working to reduce the electrical plug load in all PPS facilities, while still supporting educational needs. Please work collaboratively with Facilities on this issue. These rules help PPS meet safety code requirements that are enforceable by law and have financial ramifications to the district and our schools.


    When staff uses personal appliances, it increases the load on our overburdened electrical systems. Educational support functions, such as computers and audiovisual equipment directly related to classroom learning, must take priority over personal appliance use.

    Please limit your personal appliances at work to:

    · A desk lamp (with compact fluorescent bulb or LED, if possible, to minimize electrical draw)

    · A personal fan

    · A clock and radio, and

    · Cell phone or headset chargers.

    Other personal-use items, such as space heaters, mini-refrigerators and microwaves will no longer be allowed.

    FAM’s field operations supervisors and custodians will work with school principals to monitor personal appliance use in buildings.


    PPS will make reasonable accommodations for employees with a disability to use additional personal appliances. Accommodation requests can be made through the Human Resources Department at 503 916-3544.