• PPS Standards

    Portland Public Schools (PPS or ‘the District’) Standards  (previously: "Design Standards & Guidelines") are developed by PPS staff in consultation with professionals from the design and construction community. District preferences and requirements are identified to support functional and maintainable facilities. PPS Standards are not contract documents, they are intended to be used during the development of design and construction contract documents (drawings and specifications) by licensed design professionals.

    The District may approve alternate materials and systems from those identified in the standards. For each project, deviations and substitutions are required to be submitted for review and approval before the end of each project phase; this requirement includes the expectation that prior reviews of the information have been completed during the stakeholder engagement process. For each deviation or substitution proposed, include the specification division reference by number and name, the elements in the proposal that are out of compliance with the standards, the reason for the deviation, and how the proposed approach will meet PPS performance requirements. District review and acceptance of deviations is required prior to incorporation into final construction and/or bid documents.

    Where brands and model numbers are shown in the standards, they are included to illustrate the type, quality and performance required and to streamline the development of project specifications. Specific product references are not intended to exclude other equal products, except where they are required for compatibility with existing conditions; these are noted as a brand name product standard with no substitutions allowed.

    PPS standards are ‘living’ documents and will reflect regular updates, additions and improvements based on project experience, district priorities, budget constraints and best practices.

    Design professionals are required to inform the District staff of any errors or conflicts between this document, code requirements and/or best professional practice during project document development.

    Other PPS documents which should be referenced are: Educational Specifications (Ed Specs) and the Long Range Facility Plan (LRFP).

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