Winter Walk & Roll Day

  • Winter walk and Roll day Febuary 7th 2024

    Does the cold, rainy weather discourage you from walking or rolling to school? Join your neighbors, classmates, and friends to face the weather together! On this day, students all over the country put on their cold weather gear and brave the elements as a community. With your coat (or raincoat), hat, gloves, and rainboots, you can still get fresh air and exercise on your way to school! Incentives are available for this event and can be ordered online. Please allow at least one week before your event for orders to be fulfilled. 


    Visit the Oregon Safe Routes website for posters and social media images to advertise Winter Walk & Roll to School Day at your school. Snow and rain edition bingo cards available in English and Spanish!


    The following tips can keep you safe and comfortable while walking and rolling in Winter:

    • Be Seen – Wear bright/reflective clothing and use a bike light when riding so other road users can see you on dark, winter days.

    • Be Safe – Stay alert – keep your eyes and ears open.

    • Be Prepared – Dress for the weather. Rain gear and warm layers can keep you dry and comfortable all season long.


    Download our Winter Walk and Roll Day Flyer. This flyer can be customized for your school