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    PPS is using a carpooling software called SchoolPool. This software is part of Oregon Department of Transportation’s larger Get There program that allows Oregonians to find alternatives to driving alone - including finding a carpool match, tracking environmentally conscious stats, and participating in employer commuter benefit programs.


    SchoolPool is a part of the Get There website, but only accessible to families that opt in or are enrolled through their school. This ensures that SchoolPool matches are secure, and not a part of the general public carpool matching system. For more information on security and privacy, please read the SchoolPool Frequently Asked Questions (English & Spanish).


    Families may opt into SchoolPool through a school email with instructions on how to set up their new accounts. If you did not receive an email, please contact your school staff to see if SchoolPool has been set up at your school. When these emails go out, we ask that families carefully read through instructions and use a computer (not smart phone/tablet). Because SchoolPool is part of the larger Get There program, it is easy to mistakenly navigate outside of your SchoolPool community.


    There are only two main tabs on the SchoolPool webpage (if you click the orange “school” tab):

    SchoolPool Navigation Bar

    • The first tab, Manage Household, allows you to edit the household information shared with (School Name) families.
    • The second tab, School Name, allows you to see a live map of your neighborhood with icons that represent other current (School Name) families. Think of this as a geographical school directory that makes connecting with current families incredibly easy!


    After setting up your account, return to SchoolPool anytime by logging into the Get There website and clicking the orange “school” tab.