Park and Walk

  • A school neighborhood with a family parking two blocks from the school and walking the rest of the way

    Park and Walk is simple- drive to a park or other safe location near school and have your student walk the rest of the way! Park and Walk is for families who don't feel comfortable walking or biking the whole way to school. This may be due to distance or other hazards along the route.


    There are a variety of reasons for you and your family to elect to Park and Walk. It allows students who aren’t able to walk or roll to still have an active start to the day, families get to skip the stress of being stuck in the drop-off line at school, and it reduces emissions around school campuses, providing a healthier environment for students to learn in.


    To find a spot for Park and Walk, we recommend 2-3 blocks away from your school, or further if you would like more exercise! Utilize sidewalks and walking paths, where available, and plan your route. Try out the walking route on a non-school day to see how long it will take and to identify any potential hazards. Invite friends to join you to make the walk more fun! Parks near your school can be a great location to park, but other safe locations work too. If using a private lot, talk to the business beforehand. It may not be possible to utilize this space at all times.