Carpool to School

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    By carpooling kids to school, families can make a positive impact on the environment, create a stronger sense of community, and enjoy practical benefits such as time and cost savings. Carpooling also reduces traffic surrounding schools, creating less congestion and air pollution. Try a carpool with one or more families. You can carpool to school, to soccer practice, or to any event that other families are attending. Make it a regular thing a few times a week or even every day!


    Oregon schools also have access to the SchoolPool app through the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Get There program. SchoolPool is an online tool that is part of the Get There Oregon platform that helps match parents and caregivers who are driving alone to school with other drivers from the same school to share rides. This tool is free to use for K-12 schools in Oregon.

    To get started with SchoolPool, schools can contact Shane Nevius, PPS Safe Routes to School Coordinator, at Each school must have a network manager to get messaging out to families to sign up for SchoolPool. The app is opt-in, so your information will only be displayed if you choose to create an account. For more information, read the SchoolPool FAQ, also available in Spanish.