School Traffic Circulation Maps

  • School traffic circulation maps are visual representations that outline the planned flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic around a school campus during drop-off, pick-up, and other times when school-related traffic is high. These maps are designed to help parents, students, school staff, and drivers understand the most efficient and safe routes for entering, exiting, and navigating within the school premises.

    These maps are distributed to parents, caregivers, and school staff to provide guidance on navigating the school area safely and efficiently during peak traffic times. They aim to minimize congestion, reduce the risk of accidents, and create a smoother traffic flow around the school.

    Our circulation maps also include nearby Park and Walk locations. These are sites near the school where families can park or students can be dropped off and walk the remainder of the distance to the school site, reducing car traffic in front of the school and allowing you to skip waiting in the drop-off line while students start the day with healthy physical activity, arriving at school more ready to learn. Some Park and Walk locations are at nearby parks, while others encourage families to use on-street parking within the school neighborhood.