Bike Bus

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    A Biking School Bus is a group of students biking to school with two or more adults, picking up students along the way. It can be as simple as two families taking turns biking students to school or a structured program with routes, a schedule and meeting locations. 


    Click here to find active bike bus routes! 


    Plan a Biking School Bus!

    The steps for starting a Biking School Bus are similar to planning a Walking School Bus, but there are a few important additional considerations:

    • Biking School Bus participants must wear helmets at all times when riding. Low-cost helmets are available through OHSU's Doernbecher Children's Hospital and free helmets are offered at community events by Legacy Health's Trauma Nurses Talk Tough. Helmets should be replaced after any crashes and as needed when helmets no longer fit.

    • Routes should be designed to utilize biking infrastructure like neighborhood greenways or streets with bike lanes. Busy streets should be crossed where crosswalks or lights can support crossing safely.

    • Having basic bike tools like inner tube patches, tire levers, and a pump can save the day if someone gets a flat tire!


Bike Bus FAQ

  • Who can start a Bike Bus?

  • How many adults do I need in my Bike Bus?

  • Do I need permission slips?

  • Is insurance required to have a Bike Bus?

  • What’s the best route to take?

  • What materials are needed?

  • I am a teacher or staff member. Can I get compensation to run a Bike Bus?