• Education Facilities Vision

    Prior to the development of the Education Specifications to support the 2012 voter approved capital bond program, the Office of School Modernization undertook a community engagement process to assess the community's vision for the future of school buildings in PPS.

    The vision and key themes presented in the Education Facilities Vision summarize a series of targeted community-based activities with 16 groups and organizations and on-line survey participants around questions of how to create and provide school environments that nurture, inspire, and challenge students that are safe, healthy and accessible to all.  Notes from these conversations can be found in the Appendix of the Education Facilities Visioning document.  The vision process also incorporates the community engagement efforts of the Office of School Modernization prior to the successful November 2012 vote on the District's school construction bond proposal.

    View the Education Facilities Vision Document

    Education Specifications (Ed Specs)

    Ed Specs are a set of building design characteristics that establish the ways facilities support programs and curriculum.  They also establish a baseline of equitable facilities standards for school construction efforts across PPS.  Ed Specs provide information to architects for the design of school facilities and include space, furnishing, site, program and performance requirements:

    • This information is incorporated into the school design drawings to ensure that education facilities adequately support the educational program.
    • The planning principles should guide design decisions.
    • As a specific school building is modernized, the district wide education specifications are tailored through a master planning process to suit the individual school, program and community through staff, student and community engagement with design professionals.
    • Characteristics derived from Ed Specs will also inform regularly occurring program changes and space planning considerations in schools not undergoing full modernization.

    View the District Education Specifications: