Long-Range Facility Plan

    Portland Public Schools is currently developing a Long-Range Facility Plan that will align the District’s educational vision with future capital planning. At this pivotal moment in history where recent events have catalyzed a growing awareness of systemic racial inequities, the Long Range Facility Plan represents an opportunity to institute lasting change in Portland’s schools which can redefine teaching and learning in our city. We know space is not neutral and the experiences of educational spaces are not universal. Indeed, students’ perceptions of built environments are shaped in part by their identities and lived experiences.

    The purpose of this plan is to provide inclusive, quality learning environments that support the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students. Successful planning for this outcome will be a synthesis of three areas:

    • Current and future educational program requirements
    • Enrollment and capacity
    • Facility condition

    This work is an opportunity to institute lasting change in our schools by re-envisioning teaching and learning environments. Through an authentic, inclusive, and transparent process, we will garner ideas from diverse communities and develop a representative, inspiring vision for the future.

    Our inquiry will illuminate the relationship between the built environment and social inequities, reminding us that space matters when evaluating educational equity.


Our Approach

  • Introduction

  • Phase I: Listening and Learning

  • Phase II: Ideas and Input

2021 Long-Range Facility Plan