Other Application Types

  • Supervision Agreements

    Portland Public Schools understands that families face unplanned economic and personal hardships that cause displacement of the family unit. If the hardship involves someone other than the parent or legal guardian caring for a student, and the student is under the age of 18, documentation is needed to enroll a student in school. Families may find the following information helpful.

    Foreign Exchange

    Students from foreign countries may be approved to enroll in high schools if they are sponsored by a District approved program, local host family, meet admission requirements set forth in the District guidelines, and are approved by the neighborhood school of the host family.

    The maximum length of enrollment is one year. Exchange program representatives are asked to communicate directly with the Enrollment and Transfer Center regarding placement of an exchange student to ensure consistent application of the guidelines and coordination of services. A Clearance for Registration will be issued when a student has met all District and immunization requirements.

    List of approved programs

    Virtual Public Charter Schools

    PPS students may enroll full time in Oregon Virtual Public Charter Schools, as soon as an Intent to Enroll form has been received by the Enrollment & Transfer Center.  Intent to Enroll forms are provided to the parents by the charter schools.

    Part-time enrollment in a PPS school and a Virtual Public Charter School is allowed only through a tuition agreement for classes in a PPS school.

    District Notice of Intent to Enroll Instructions:
    OAR 581-020-0342: A parent must provide notice to the school district in which the parent resides that the parent intends to enroll a student in a virtual public charter school. lf more than 3% of the students who reside in the school district are enrolled in a virtual public charter school not sponsored by the district, the district must provide notice that the district: (a) Approves the student for enrollment, OR (b) Does not approve the student for enrollment in the virtual public charter school and provide a copy of this rule AND OAR 581-020-0343 to the student and a list of two or more other online options available to the student.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Portland Public Schools is currently below the 3% district cap set by OAR 581-020-0342. PPS Students may proceed with immediate enrollment in a virtual public charter school once an Intent to Enroll form has been submitted to the Enrollment and Transfer Center at intentnotice@pps.net or mail to PO Box 3107, Portland, OR 97208.

    To submit an intent to enroll notice, please email the Enrollment and Transfer Center at intentnotice@pps.net.


    Families seeking the option to homeschool their children must register with Multnomah Education Service District (MESD). For more information, go to https://www.multnomahesd.org/homeschool.html