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Enrollment and
Transfer Center

Enrollment and
Transfer Center

Enrollment and Transfer Center

  • Settling into school, transitioning to the next school level or changing schools when necessary are important moments for students and families.
    On these web pages you can locate, learn about and enroll in school; learn the process for transferring to a new school and learn about and follow enrollment-related policy work.
    Use the left-hand navigation bar to:


    • Locate your neighborhood school
    • View a district map
    • Register
    • Learn about schools and programs, PK-12
    • View Open House and Connect to Kindergarten dates
    • For more information about kindergarten registration (online and paper applications), go to Early Learner Programs


    • Petition and lottery systems for PPS students
    • PPS lottery for students in surrounding school districts
    • Foreign exchange programs
    • Other types of applications 

    Learn About Policy Work

    • Enrollment balancing and boundary review processes and policies and how to get involved

What Grade Should Your Child Be In?

  • Age-Grade In April 2019, the Portland Public Schools Board of Education updated district policy on the grade a student who is new to PPS should enroll in, based on age and other factors.

    The policy (numbered 4.10.090-P, and titled "Compulsory Enrollment; Age and Grade Level at Entrance") contains specific guidelines based on age, grades enrolled in or completed outside the district, available records and other factors.

    To determine the grade a new-to-PPS student should be in, follow the chart at right (click on the image to see a full-sized PDF), and read the full policy.




Ph. (503) 916-3205 | Fax (503) 916-3699
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3107, Portland, OR 97208-3107
Judy Brennan
Director Enrollment Planning
(503) 916-3205
Keisha Mateo
Chief Clerk - General Enrollment Information/Interdistrict Transfers
503-916-3205 | 503-916-2000 x71161
Yasmine Reyes
Chief Clerk - General Enrollment Information/Foreign Exchange
503-916-3205 | 503-916-2000 x71151
Olga Bobrovnik
Student Placement Specialist
503-916-2000 x71159
Patricia Helme
Student Placement Specialist
503-916-2000 x71158
Elizabeth Ordaz
Student Placement Specialist
503-916-2000 x71156
Jessica Southward
Student Placement Specialist
503-916-3205 | 503-916-2000 x71152
Stephen Rouffy
System Analyst III
503-916-2000 x71153

Ask For Help

    • Call 503-916-3205 to speak with an Enrollment & Transfer specialist. Staff is available to help in English, Spanish & Russian.
    • Call for help in other languages: Vietnamese 503-916-3584, Chinese 503-916-3585 & Somali 503-916-3586.
    • Email your questions to enrollment-office@pps.net.
    • Visit the Enrollment & Transfer Center in person at 501 N. Dixon St, Suite 140