• Dear Families and Students,

    We wanted to provide clarity regarding students in dual language programs or other specialized programs (i.e., Metropolitan Learning Center; ACCESS Academy, Odyssey Program, etc.) who are now enrolled in our Online Learning Academy.

    Educators and public health experts agree: Our priority is to get our students back in-person full time this school year.

    We also recognize that some families in our community prefer not to or have circumstances that restrict them from learning in-person this Fall, which is why PPS is offering our Online Learning Academy. Families of students previously enrolled in a dual language program or other specialized programs that have made a decision to enroll their student in Online Learning Academy for the Fall will not be unenrolled from their program. This means that for the Fall semester, we will place an emergency hold on waitlists for these programs. We will reevaluate for Spring semester.

    As we navigate through this global pandemic, especially with the rise of the delta variant, we understand that our communities are making decisions that best support their families and students. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we too navigate this complex environment and prepare to welcome our students back to school this year.

    Families who did not apply earlier because of the OLA rule about returning to a focus option, DLI or alternative school may request a paper application and be added to the waitlist by emailing enrollment-office@pps.net or calling 503-916-3205.