• Enrollment Process 

Collect Student Information

    • Proof of age document (birth certificate, passport or similar document)
    • 2 address verification documents. Examples include mortgage, rental agreement, utility bills (dated within the last 30 days at the time of enrollment), insurance or governmental assistance statement.
      • Parent name, home address and date must be visible
      • If you cannot provide two proofs of address, contact the Enrollment and Transfer Center
    • Immunization records
      • Information on the Vaccine Requirements by grade level can be found at SHS Immunization
    • Vision and Dental Screening Information (7 years old and under only)
    • Emergency contact information
    • Previous school’s contact information (not required at the start of Kindergarten)

Online Registration Process

  • Go to https://www.pps.net/enroll. Create an Online Registration account. Upload the 2 address verification documents. Complete the online registration and click submit. The school secretary will connect with the enrolling parent/legal guardian to collect the immunization records/CIS form and confirm the proof of age as well as gather any missing information necessary to complete the enrollment process.

    Note: the online registration will register the student at the school assigned to the home address. To confirm the school, go to www.pps.net/Page/map and enter the address in School Finder. 

Paper Registration Process

  • Complete the paper forms and turn in to your school secretary with all supporting documents. Registration packet includes:

    • Registration form
    • Proof of age
    • 2 proof of home address
    • Vaccine records
    • Vision and Dental Screening form, if applicable

Enrollment Process

  • Enrollment Process PDF screenshot