District-wide Boundary Advisory Committee meets in Portland Public Schools central office foyer.

District-wide Boundary Review
Advisory Committee

District-wide Boundary Review
Advisory Committee

  • Why Do We Need to Balance Enrollment?

    As a city, Portland is growing and changing. These changes mean that some schools have too many students (are overcrowded) or too few students (are under-enrolled). Enrollment is steadily rising, which gives us an opportunity to address overcrowding and under-enrollment and to create strong schools in every neighborhood.

    This video and this interactive "story map" provide some of the history that has lead us to the need for change.


    What is DBRAC?

    The District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee (DBRAC) is a community-led advisory committee. This committee is a group of volunteers that has included parents, students, teachers, community leaders, city officials, and PPS staff.

    The committee's job is to make recommendations to the Superintendent on school boundaries and grade configuration (for example, moving from K-8 schools to more elementary and middle schools). Their role is to listen to community feedback, analyze data and scenarios produced by staff, and produce recommendations that match what they believe is in the best interest of students and families. The Superintendent takes their recommendations, does more analysis and community listening, and makes recommendations to your elected Board of Education. The Board makes a final decision on changes.

    DBRAC Members Their Values


    We Heard Your Feedback

    DBRAC and Portland Public Schools requested your feedback on how we can work together to right-size neighborhood schools.

    Ockley overview PPS staff developed three draft options that highlight challenges and opportunities prioritized by DBRAC. Click here for an overview of these options, and the problems these options could solve: Español / English




    Multiple opportunities were available for families to provide feedback.

    • A short survey was available online. Print version.Spanish & English: www.pps.net/ockleygreensurvey
    • Paper copies of the survey at: Beach, Chief Joseph, Ockley Green, Peninsula and Woodlawn for families to provide feedback.
    • Feedback can be emailed to: ppsgrows@pps.net
    • Feedback sessions were held at feeder schools (see list below).
    • All scenarios and the feedback survey will be available in the other supported languages.

    Fall Community Meetings

    Click each of the meetings below for meeting materials.


    DBRAC Recommendations

    The scope of DBRAC work in the Fall/Winter of 2016-17 was to address balancing for Ockley Green K-5 feeder schools--in particular, to make sure that Chief Joseph 5th grade can move out of Ockley Green next year, consolidation options to support middle grades programs, and options to address overcrowding where possible during the 2017-18 school year. Based on the preliminary draft options produced by staff and community input, DBRAC identified several tradeoffs, tensions, and constraints.

    dbrac recommendation thumbnail After weighing these tensions and tradeoffs, DBRAC recommended two options to Interim Superintendent McKean:

    1. Option 1: Adjust boundaries along major roads for incoming Kindergarteners to achieve two right-sized sections of Kindergarten for 2017-2018. Incoming students living in the Kenton neighborhood would no longer attend Chief Joseph but would attend Peninsula K5.

    2. Option 2: Temporarily send Chief Joseph 5th graders to Peninsula for one year.

    View the full report and the pros and cons DBRAC identified for each of these options here.


    What happens next?

    Interim Superintendent McKean will make a recommendation to the Board of Education. The Board will make the final decision.

  • Approved: Boundary change between Chief Joseph and Peninsula

    February 13, 2017

    UPDATE: This proposal was approved by the Board on February 13, 2017 and will take effect for new neighborhood students starting in Fall 2017. Interim Superintendent Bob McKean recommended to the Board a small boundary change that would assign new students in the Kenton neighborhood to Peninsula instead of Chief Joseph beginning next year. The aim of this boundary change is to make space in Ockley Green Middle School by enabling Chief Joseph to become a K-5 again. This proposal was one of two options recommended by DBRAC.

    Approved Boundary Change

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