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Facilities and Maintenance
& Operations

Facilities and Maintenance
& Operations

  • All access card requests are now handled through the IT Service Desk.  Please contact them for the following:

    • Replacing a lost or stolen access card.
    • Turning off a lost access card.
    • Adding or deleting access to school(s) or site(s).
    • Requesting an access card.


    Welcome to the PPS Facilities and Maintenance & Operations home page!

    The Facilities and Maintenance & Operations Department supports classroom teaching and learning by providing a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning for students and staff.  We provide a diverse array of support services to students and staff in the district:

    • Building Use (CUB)/Real Estate: manages the District's real estate assets and the civic (community) use of district buildings
    • Custodial Services: keeps our schools and their systems clean and running efficiently
    • Furniture & Moves: The school and office furniture inventory is centrally managed.  Program and department moves are managed through a Project Manager. 
    • Maintenance Services: maintains school buildings and grounds which includes general repairs to existing facilities. Projects are initiated through the work order process.
    • Project Management: leads approved renovations & volunteer projects throughout the district and ensures that all projects meet PPS standards and applicable municipal codes.  Projects are initiated through the Project Development Request (PDR) process.
    • Sustainability & Energy Management: implements energy efficiency projects, coordinates programs and provides educational resources that promote environmental stewardship and conservation - and significantly reduces the money PPS spends on utilities.
    • Warehouse: purchasing, inventorying, and management of all stock items, the processing and delivery of Material Stock Requests, the pony, record retention and retrieval, and the mail room.

    Please browse our pages; if you have questions, feel free to give us a call.

    Keep PPS schoolyards safe and healthy-Leash Pets and Scoop your poop! No dogs allowed on grounds during school hours or when children are present.  Dogs must be on leash at all times.  We are not an off-leash area.


Maintenance & Operations:
(503) 916-3303*
Custodial Services:
(503) 916-3310*
Emergency After Hours: 5:00pm to 6:00am
(503) 730-9682
Facilities & Construction Main Line:
(503) 916-3401
Civic Use of Buildings:
(503) 916-3268
(503) 916-6383
Energy Management:
(503) 916-3279
Furniture & Moves:
(503) 916-3916
Real Estate
(503) 916-3913
Jere High
Director-Maintenance and Operations
(503) 916-3471
Dana White
Director-Planning and Asset Management
(503) 916-6544
Patrick LeBoeuf
Director-Construction and Project Management
(503) 916-3072
Trey Mueller
Business Program Operations Specialist
(503) 916-3306