Student Success Act

Student Success Act

Student Success Act

Student Investment Account Plan Update for Year 2

  • On June 30, 2021, PPS submitted the SIA Plan Year Two (2021-2022) to the Oregon Department of Education. 

    Our priorities for SIA investments remain the same. We are committed to eliminating pervasive opportunity gaps, which means creating the conditions so that every student, especially our Black, Native American and students of color can realize academic excellence, mental health, and personal success.  Central to this is PPS living into our expressed commitment toward our core value of racial equity and social justice.

    Explore these links to learn more about our SIA Plan Year Two Update:

  • Introduction: A historic investment in K-12 education in Oregon

  • How the Student Success Act money is allocated

Student Investment Account Application

  • On March 4, 2020, Portland Public Schools submitted its application to the state for the Student Investment Account (SIA). We were slated to receive $39 million as an SIA, which was revised to $12 million due to the impacts related to COVID-19. This new funding will deepen supports and accelerate progress toward our vision.

    SSA Roadmap

    Thank you to our community! We are grateful to our community, state and local leaders, legislators and partners for making the Student Success Act a reality. The funding from the SIA provides an exciting opportunity to make strategic investments that will support and accelerate improved student outcomes.

    Initial three-year SIA Plan Application (Submitted March 2020)

    Links to application documents:

SIA Annual Report Presentation, Year 2 (2021-22)

  • Click here to view the full presentation

SIA Annual Report, Year 1 (2020-21)

  • Click to see full report

SIA Grant Agreement


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