• 2021 /2022 POLICIES  

    The following is a list of policies that have come before the committee in 2021/2022.  Included is the date that each policy has been on the committee agenda.

    Click on each date to view the full agenda and materials for that meeting 


    Climate Crisis Response Policy 2.xx.xxx-P


    District Foundation 7.10.030-P and School-Based Groups and Fundraising at Portland Public Schools Policy 7.10.020-P 


    District Student Representative Policy 1.20.012-P


    Liability of Employees of the District


    Vacation and District Holidays for Non-Represented Employees 5.60.31-P

    (Originally Vacation Eligibility and Scheduling Policy)


    Workplace Harassment Policy 5.10.060-P


    Policies Referred to the Board for Rescission

    • 1.10.020-P Definitions
    • 2.10.020-P Concept of Administration
    • 2.40.010-P Teacher Membership on Committees
    • 3.10.020-P Additional Building Administration Personnel
    • 3.20.011-P Planning Time  
    • 3.30.050-P Visitors To Schools
    • 3.40.091-P Traffic Safety Patrols
    • 4.50.010-P Student Interviews And Errands
    • 4.50.020-P Health Services   
    • 4.50.023-P Dental Health Services
    • 5.20.100-P Physical And Mental Health Of Staff Members
    • 5.20.020-P Certification
    • 5.20.080-P Evaluation of Teachers
    • 5.30.010-P Substitute Teachers
    • 5.50.064-P Religious Holidays-Teachers
    • 5.50.073-P Health and Welfare Trust Fund
    • 5.60.040-P Administrator Consultations
    • 5.70.052-P Work Year Vacations
    • 5.70.054-P Compensation - Miscellaneous
    • 5.70.060-P Personnel File
    • 6.10.013-P Career Education – Learning Opportunities