• Office of Internal Performance Audit (OIPA)

  • Purpose and Mission

    State and local governments can enhance credibility with the taxpayers by implementing performance audits to support accountability and ensure that tax dollars are spent as effectively as possible.

    PPS performance auditing, conducted by the OIPA, is an objective and systematic examination of evidence to provide an independent assessment of a government organization, program, activity, or function. The goal of these audits is to improve program effectiveness; improve the equity of service delivery; provide useful, objective, and timely information; strengthen administrative and management systems and controls; facilitate decision-making by parties with responsibility for overseeing or initiating corrective action; and improve student achievement District-wide.

    The objectives of performance audits vary, but generally address whether PPS is operating economically and efficiently, and/or whether it is achieving desired results. The purpose of the internal performance audit function is to help improve the accountability and performance of PPS through independent auditing and reporting.

    Independence and Objectivity

    The OIPA Senior Internal Performance Auditor is hired, evaluated, and may only be removed by the PPS Board of Education. Reporting directly to the PPS Board of Education is meant to ensure the work of the OIPA is independent, impartial, and objective so stakeholders can trust the audit results and recommendations.


    The OIPA adheres to very rigorous and demanding professional auditing requirements described in Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards, or more commonly referred to as GAGAS or the Yellow Book.

    Authority and Responsibilities

    The authority and responsibilities of the OIPA are defined in its charter and PPS Board Policy 1.60.040-P, both approved by the PPS Board of Education.


  • Janise HansenJanise Hansen, CIA
    Senior Internal Performance Auditor
    Office: 503-916-3662
    Cell: 253-985-1738



    Mary Catherine MooreMary Catherine Moore
    Internal Performance Auditor
    Office: 503-916-3537
    Cell: 503-804-3557