• Meeting Protocols *

    The Board of Education meets twice a month, mainly on Tuesday, to consider, discuss and determine the directions Portland Public Schools will take in a range of areas. 

    • Materials for the most current meeting may be found here.
    • A Calendar of Board Meetings may be found here.

    School Board members establish guidelines concerning organization, general policies, and major plans and procedures for the school district.

    Comments and questions may be emailed to the Board at SchoolBoard@pps.net or sent via regular mail to School Board, P.O. Box 3107, Portland, OR, 97208.  If you would like to provide public comment before the Board, please see below.  You may phone in your request to address the Board (503-916-3906), or email your request to the Board Clerk: PublicComment@pps.net.


    * During closures due to Covid-19, Under the provision of ORS 192.670 all meetings will be live streamed at www.youtube.com/user/ppscomms/live, except for those meetings that fall under the provisions set forth for executive sessions. 


    Public Comment at Board Meetings **

    • Public Comment will be limited to three individuals during each Agenda Action Item, five speaking slots for students, and six slots will be available for General Public Comment.  The Chair of the Board will determine if additional slots will be made available.

      Each person wishing to address the Board must sign-up individually for Public Comment.  Holding slots will not be allowed, and a person may not sign-up other speakers.  A speaker who is assigned a speakig slot will not be allowed to share their three minutes with others.

    • Public Comment requests may be phoned in or emailed to the Board of Education office.  Names are placed on a first come, first serve basis.
    • If an item on the agenda is an Action Item, the speaker will testify during that agenda item.
    • Requests should include the date requester wishes to speak, requester’s name, phone number or email, and the topic of their comments.
    • The Board Clerk will read off the names of speakers, by twos, of all individuals who have signed up to testify.  The two individuals called will come up to the testimony table together and each individual will have 3 minutes to testify, unless otherwise stated.
    • The requester may submit written testimony before or at the meeting; please provide 10 copies.
    • Public Comment allows the Board and Superintendent to hear issues of interest, but does not allow an opportunity for dialogue between the speaker, Board or Superintendent.
    • If an interpreter is required, please notify the Board Office at least 48 hours in advance.
    • Videos or PowerPoint presentations may not be used to accompany public testimony.
    • In the event the meeting is cancelled, requester will be notified of the next available open date. 


    ** While the meetings of the Board of Education occur virtually, the public will continue to be invited to address the board. Individuals interested in addressing the board must sign-up in advance of the scheduled meeting. You may sign-up by calling Kara Bradshaw at 503-916-3906 or by emailing PublicComment@pps.net.  As usual, requests for public comment will be processed in the order that they are received. Once it has been confirmed, you will receive a link via email with instructions. 


    Instructions for Public Comment

    The Board of Education values public input.  The responsibility of the  Board is to actively listen and reflect on public comments.  The Board will not respond to any comments or questions during public comment, but has asked Board Manager Rosanne Powell to follow-up on issues raised during public testimony.  Ms. Powell will be available at each Board meeting if you would like additional information about how the Board might respond.  

    Guidelines for public input emphasize respect and consideration of others.  Complaints about individual employees should be directed to the Superintendent’s office as a personnel matter.

    Each person providing public comment will have a total of three minutes; please begin by stating your name and spelling your last name for the record.  During the first two minutes of your testimony, a green light will appear. When you have one minute remaining, a yellow light will go on, and when your time is up, the red light will go on and a buzzer will sound. The Board respectfully asks that you conclude your comments at that time.  Videos or PowerPoint presentations may not be used to accompany public testimony.

    The Board sincerely appreciates your input, and thanks you for your cooperation.


    Public Meeting Guidelines for Conduct

    The Portland Public Schools Board of Education highly values public input in making important decisions that affect Portland's children.  They also believe in the right of community members to observe Board meetings.  To ensure the public has an opportunity to attend School Board meetings and offer comment, and to ensure that the Board can conduct the important business of the District, speakers must observe certain basic rules of conduct.  The following guidelines apply to all public comment.

    •  All members of the public attending School Board meetings must treat each other and the Board with respect.
    • Individuals are not permitted to engage in conduct that interferes with the ability of other individuals to watch the Board meetings, interferes with the ability of other members of the public to offer comment to the Board, or interferes with the ability of the Board to conduct its business.
    • Those wishing to display placards, signs and/or banners must remain in the auditorium foyer behind the seating area, and may not block any attendee's view of the proceedings. 
    • Members of the public who intend to offer public comment to the Board must sign up for comment before the start of each Board meeting.  The Board Chair has discretion to call on those who have signed up and set the order of speakers (District students should identify themselves as such on the public comment sign-in sheet, and they will be called upon first).
    • Individuals who sign up to testify to the Board must indicate the topic of their intended testimony.
    • Individuals offering public comment must sit at the table designated for their use and must speak into the microphone.
    • Prior to beginning any testimony, individuals must state and spell their last name.
    • Each speaker must limit his or her comments to three minutes to allow sufficient time for others to also offer public comment.  The Board Chair has the discretion to limit the overall time for public comment.
    • Individuals offering public comment are not permitted to make personal attacks on any District employee, Board member, other testifier, or member of the public.


     Public Meeting Guidelines for Committees (pdf)


    The Oregon Attorney General has indicated that any person or persons who fail to comply with reasonable rules of conduct or who cause a disturbance during a meeting may be asked or required to leave and, upon failure to do so, become(s) a trespasser.