• Opal School K-5

    4015 SW Canyon Road
    Portland, OR 97221

    Opal School strengthens public education by provoking fresh ideas concerning environments where creativity, imagination and the wonder of learning thrive.

    Opal School is inspired by the early childhood schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, which were founded in the aftermath of WWII to counter fascism.  Opal School is a living laboratory for adults and children to research environments and learning conditions that promote critical thinking, counter bias, and strengthen democracy. Opal School students make their thinking visible through "100 languages" of the arts and sciences, with growing competence to represent their ideas, connections and feelings. We believe in a powerful image of the young child as intelligent, creative and capable, with gifts and abilities that the world needs.   

    Opal School's constructivist curriculum emerges each year from the unique experiences and passions of its students and teacher-resarchers, and is guided by a deep belief in the value of understanding the world through multiple perspectives and of understanding that people are invariably interconnected with each other, with all living things, and with the environment. 


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Beth Hutchins
(503) 471-9917