Teen Mother and Child
  • Academic Support, Counseling, and Advocacy are our primary services.  

    Our Mission

    To enrich the lives of pregnant and parenting students by providing academic and social support, as they pursue high school completion, personal growth, and global citizenship

    What We Offer  

    Support for all pregnant and parenting students within Portland Public Schools.  Pregnant or parenting students may work with our staff to explore one of the high schools offering childcare.   Students also have the option of staying at their current school.  When school transfers are requested, our Program Director works with student families requesting a transfer and our school district's Enrollment and Transfer Office.  Teen mothers and fathers in all Portland Public Schools, across the district, are encouraged and welcome to access all components of our program.  

    Child Care

    Albina Early Head Start provides onsite childcare for PPS Teen Parent Services students at Franklin, McDaniel, Roosevelt, and Grant High Schools.

    Parenting Education

    Parenting education is delivered through group formats as well as individual instruction.  Topics are inclusive of 'The Incredible Years' curriculum and based on individual instruction.

    Counseling & Advocacy

    Counseling and advocacy is our primary service.  Teen Parent Counselors and Social Workers provide support based on the specific needs of young families.

    Community Connections

    Teen Parent Services works cooperatively with community partners to provide culturally relevant services to teenage moms and dads.