• Youth Progress

    2020 SE Powell Blvd
    Portland, OR  97202

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    Youth Progress Learning Center serves a fluctuating student population who are supported by three full-time teachers, a Vocational and Life Skills Coordinator, a program assistant, a part time Math Aide and two administrators.  The teaching staff is highly trained in their content area and is skilled at providing differentiated instruction to accommodate the differing learning styles and levels of our students. Our teachers are patient, kind, and professional when working with our students.

    Youth Progress Learning Center is embedded in the broader Youth Progress treatment program.  The Learning Center shares a building with the day treatment team and students’ daily schedules are developed in conjunction with therapeutic staff to ensure access to academic support, vocational and life skills instruction, offense specific treatment and mental health appointments.

    The school is located in the urban community of Southeast Portland and students originate from all over the state of Oregon. Our students face a number of barriers to earning a high school diploma including multiple high school disruptions and frequent school changes. Our student population experiences severe emotional, behavioral, social, legal and/or familial challenges. 

    Our students range in age from 13 to 24 and many come from abusive or non-supportive households. We provide a safe environment in which young people can grow and thrive. Our students receive services at Youth Progress for a period of six months to two years.  When students complete their placement at Youth Progress, they may access on-going support as Youth Progress alumni through our Extended Family Program.

    Our mission is to create partnerships with youth that empowers them to utilize their strengths, address their challenges and instill the belief that they will succeed. The majority of our students at Youth Progress Learning Center have experienced significant gaps in their education and need support as they build back their academic skill and confidence. We focus on helping students recover the skills they have missed and collaborate to develop successful transition plans to support students’ development after their time at our school. These plans are coordinated with the Youth Progress treatment team and our students’ larger support team which includes youth advocates, foster parents, attorneys, parole/probation officers and Department of Human Services case workers.

    While our primary goal is to move our students toward academic skill mastery, our teaching staff provides students with ongoing support as they learn coping skills to manage behaviors in the classroom and the community.




Taylor Strain
Education Program Manager
(503)233-6121 x 341