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    Portland, OR  97266

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    Portland YouthBuilders (PYB) is based upon a highly successful model that began in New York City in 1979 and now includes a national network of more than 300 YouthBuild programs. At PYB, disconnected/opportunity youth who have not been able to complete high school in a traditional school setting are engaged in a comprehensive program that includes college preparation, leadership development and vocational training. The academic program is designed to prepare students for postsecondary education and training while participating in one of two vocational programs: construction or technology. Students in PYB’s construction program build affordable housing for families in their communities. Students in the technology program provide technology services for local nonprofit organizations in the areas of coding, computer refurbishing, applications and tech support. PYB’s curriculum integrates college preparation instruction with experiential learning and skill development that occurs at the construction and technology job sites. Student Advocates and Career Coaches provide wrap-around personal development support. Advocates provide individualized support to students in stabilitizing stabilizing their lives and Career Coaches help students develop viable long-term educational and career goals.

    Students spend alternating weeks in the classroom with certified teachers and at the job sites with experienced construction and technology trainers and are provided with opportunities in all aspects of the program to develop leadership skills. As an AmeriCorps program, students have the chance to become AmeriCorps members and to earn an education award of $1,566 upon completion of their community service hours.

    The goal of Portland YouthBuilders is to help students: prepare for postsecondary education and training, complete high school (either with a GED or a diploma), improve math and literacy skills, acquire basic construction or technology skills adequate for obtaining entry level career-path employment or admission to an apprenticeship program, acquire job readiness skills to enable the acquisition and retention of employment, acquire leadership skills, develop a commitment to community service, and achieve post-program placement in employment or postsecondary education or training. 

    Special Programs and Features:

    • All enrolled students earn a monthly stipend for program performance and attendance.
    • PYB has been fully accredited through Cognia (formerly AdvancEd) since1999.
    • PYB's construction training program is approved as a pre-apprenticeship program by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry. Students are granted direct entry or preferred application status to trades-related apprenticeship programs.  Students in this program are involved in all aspects of building and renovating homes for low-income families. Along with skills acquisition, the program emphasizes teamwork and habits for future career success.
    • In the Technology program, students work with non-profit organizations to offer technical support and training materials and supply low-income clients with affordable, refurbished computer equipment.
    • Students attend PYB full time for up to 12 months, followed by a second year of support services to ensure success in postsecondary education and training and career placements. Students who transition to college and apprenticeship receive case management support from PYB through the completion of their degree or certificate program.
    • PYB students must adhere to strict attendance and behavior standards. 


    Portland YouthBuilders recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society.  


Jill Walters
Zack Kerrissey
Education Manager
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Allison Ekeya
Admissions Coordinator