• Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center + Rosemary Anderson High School (POIC + RAHS)

    5 school locations across Portland Metro Area:

    • North Campus: 717 N. Killingsworth Ct., Portland, OR 97217
    • SE Lents Campus:  At Wattles Boys & Girls Club - 9330 SE Harold St, Portland, OR 97266
    • New Columbia Campus: 4610 N. Trenton Ave. Portland, OR 97203
    • East Campus: At Rockwood Plaza - 2208 SE 182nd Portland, OR 97233
    • Middle School: At Regence Boys & Girls Club - 430 N. Trenton Ave., Portland, OR  97203

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    Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center and Rosemary Anderson High School provides the highest quality services in education, mentoring, family outreach, employment training, and placement. RAHS serves students who want more whole-life support and responsive teachers as they work toward educational success and receive their diploma or GED. Offering open-door, year-round access to complete your high school education, we currently have a 92% graduation rate. RAHS' four fully accredited, community-based alternative high schools enroll 550 students annually. Our locations serve students where they are. Many of our graduates complete diplomas or GEDs after age 19 due to the effects of unstable family situations and homelessness. Rosemary Anderson Middle School offers a pathway to success for 6th-8th grade students who have encountered barriers at other schools, with small class sizes and a focus on tech and the arts.


Joe McFerrin II