• Helensview

    8678 NE Sumner St
    Portland, OR  97220

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    What is Helensview?

    • Helensview is a special alternative school located on the corner of 87th and Killingsworth in Northeast Portland
    • Helensview is part of the Multnomah Education Service District
    • Helensview enrolls youth ages 12 to 21 from any school district in Multnomah County
    • Helensview enrolls approximately 200-250 students each school year

    Who is Helensview?

    • Youth that have dropped out of school for a variety of reasons
    • Youth that are pregnant and/or parenting
    • Youth that have been suspended or expelled for any reason
    • Youth on parole or probation
    • Youth that are behind in their credits
    • Youth that have given up on school and have dropped out or are considering dropping out
    • Youth that might need special behavioral or academic help

    What does Helensview offer?

    • A diploma that meets state educational standards
    • Curriculum that is at a student's level, that challenges him/her, but not so much that frustration and failure set in
    • Curriculum that is taught in a way that makes sense and has relevance to the student's life
    • An individual learning and career plan that each student develops with his/her teacher
    • Special Education Services
    • English Language Learner Services
    • One-on-one teaching and tutoring
    • Individual and frequent conferences
    • Academic and career assessments
    • Advocates and mentors
    • Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health Assessments and services
    • Extensive counseling services including home visits
    • On-site Nurse
    • A special program called "FUTURES" for all students 18-21 that focuses on job training, placement and successful transition to adult educational and career programs
    • On-site state certified Child Development Center for infants 6 weeks old to children 4 years old
    • Assistance with housing and other critical life issues
    • Flexible school schedules
    • Prenatal, Birth and Family Planning Education
    • Gang Prevention and Intervention Groups
    • Parenting Groups
    • Phoenix Music Studios
    • Woodworking Program
    • A diverse student body


Dawn Joella Jackson
Dan Cohnstaedt
Vice Principal
(503) 262-4150