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    Welcome to the PPS Charter Schools webpage for families and community members.  Here you can find information on the charter schools PPS sponsors, and find answers to frequently asked questions.  Please contact the Charter Schools Program Director or her assistant with any questions, concerns, or comments.  For questions about enrollment or the application process in a specific charter school, please contact that school directly.  Thank you.

Charter Family Page

  • What is a charter school?

  • What is the relationship between charter schools and PPS?

  • How does a student enroll in a charter school?

  • Are charter schools free, public schools?

  • Can my student get services such as Special Education or ELL services?

  • Are charter schools open to students who live outside PPS boundaries?

  • How are charter schools funded?

  • Are sports options available at charter schools?

  • Most charter schools typically follow the PPS calendar, but they are not required to. Some charter schools offer extended school days or a longer school year.

  • Do charter schools follow the same calendar as PPS?

  • Can children younger than five attend charter schools?

  • Are charter schools accredited?


Sunita Sandoz
Director, PPS Charter Schools
(503) 916-3359
Jenny Braden
Administrative Assistant, PPS Charter Schools
(503) 916-3857