• Teen Father and Infant  

    Young Father Services

    Male Mentorship is available to our Teen Fathers. The relationships between a teenage father and male mentor provides support and information to individual teen fathers in both individual and small group settings.  Dads may access any of the services provided to female students.

    Teen Fathers receive mentorship on an individual basis, as well as come together to connect with other young fathers in the campus Teen Father's group.  Their Teen Father Mentor, Shanne Sowards, provides a space for young men to dialogue about fatherhood initiative points, current parenting issues, and questions & answers for advocacy in fatherhood.

    Together, the Teen Father Mentor, and teen father students build a circle of support and establish ways to navigate positive, successful parenting skills.

  • Teen Father and Infant  

    Partnering with SQUIRES

    Teen Parent Services partners with SQUIRES, a Portland program empowering Teen Dads.

    Squires is dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and supporting teen dads to provide long term emotional, physical, and financial support for their child. 

    Ways SQUIRES Can Help:

    • Career Guidance & Skills building
    • Parental Education
    • School, Work, Family, & Friends Balance
    • Co-parenting

    SQUIRES:  Look at Our Partnership Page for more information

    Email:  info@squirespdx.org