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    Parenting Education is delivered through group formats as well as individual instruction. Topics are flexible and based on individual student needs. Credit Recovery is provided to students when necessary. Pregnant or parenting students may transfer to one of the schools offering childcare. Students also have the option of staying in their current school during the pregnancy. Teen fathers are encouraged and welcome to access Teen Parenting education.


    The Incredible Years Parents and Babies program supports parents and their babies in the following ways: Learning how to observe and read babies’ cues and signals. Understanding babies as intelligent learners. Learning about ways to provide physical and tactile stimulation for babies and its importance for brain development. Understanding the importance of finding time for oneself to renew energy for parenting. Understanding about babies' development of object and person permanence and more!

    Articles that Parents May Find Helpful

    Rewards Can Give Children and Extra Boost - Carolyn Webster-Stratton (2010)
    When used correctly, rewards can help kids succeed, make them proud of their accomplishments and motivate them to keep trying to overcome challenges.

    On the Other Hand - Today's Parent (2010)
    Good parents support their children with encouragement and praise, but occasionally kids need a little extra incentive to learn a particularly difficult behavior. That’s where rewards can be helpful.

    Responsive and Nurturing Parenting Sets the Stage for Children’s Social, Emotional and Academic Development
    Did you know that one out of four social interactions with another child in preschool is aggressive?

    Parents and Children Together, Let's Play - Parent Connection (1990)
    There is a widespread belief among adults in our society that the free and easy playtimes between parents and children are frivolous and nonproductive.

    Don't Be Afraid to Praise - Parenting Insights (1994)
    The purpose of praise is to increase positive behavior with the child's knowledge, to communicate that certain behaviors are desirable.

    Lying Parenting Insights (1995)
    What to do; first, don't panic. Respond calmly. Like any other problem, lying represents another opportunity to help children learn.

    Emotional Regulation (Parts 1&2) Parenting Insights (1996)

    Coping With Peer Problems and Teaching Friendship Skills
    Parents can teach social skills by role-playing with their children.

    Helping Children Learn to Regulate Their Emotions. Emotions are responses to stimuli or situations that affect a person strongly. Children differ strikingly in their emotional responses and they also vary widely in their understanding of emotions, both their own and in others.