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    Student Success Center is a discipline program serving students as an alternative to expulsion. SSC serves PPS students in grades 6th through 12th who have had a hearing and a hearings officer has deemed that the student is willing to participate in the program and address the behaviors that are getting in the way of student success. We offer a 3 week intensive behavioral skill intervention, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm, which includes:

    • Emotional Regulation
    • Conflict Regulation
    • Healthy Choices
    • Decision-making/Goal setting
    • Collaborate with school staff and the designated transition support person at the student's school
    • Develop a strength-based re-engagment plan which includes recommendations from school based or community-based Mental Health/Drug/Alcohol Assessements
    • Facilitate a re-engagement meeting at the home school which welcomes the student back and to go over their re-engagement plan and school's expectations


    How does a Student Get Referred?:

    • Delayed Expulson - As a result of a hearing
    • Non-Disciplinary - After all Tier 2 interventions have been exhausted, including mental health/drug and alcohol assessment referrals, a student may be referred on a non-disciplinary basis. Schools must provide data documenting that previous interventions have been unsuccessful or the referral will not be approved. Please submit the attached "Non-Disciplinary Screening Form" to aolivas1@pps.net
    • If SSC approves the referral, the school must then eet with the family to discuss SSC as an intervention and sign the "Non-Disciplinary Parent Permission Sheet"



    When Do Students Start SSC? After SSC staff receives the referral, parent/guardian and student will be contacted and asked to come to the SSC building for a family intake interview. After this meeting, SSC begins new students on Mondays as space permits. SSC starts a new 3-week cycle every Monday.

    What to Know for Parents? 

    click on the link "Information Sheet for Parents"


    Program Location and Contact Information

    Rice Site (room 2)

    6433 NE Tillamook

    Portland, OR 97213

    503-916-2749 Fax

    Staff Names:

    Ambar Olivas           (503) 916-5494

    Erin Means               (503) 916-5492

    Omar Lara                (503) 916-5493


    How do Students Get to SSC?

    Bus tickets are provided on a daily basis unless the student has a bus pass. Parents may also transport.
    Bus Information: http://www.trimet.org/schedule If  transportation is being provided through a student's IEP, the sending school will coordinate and schedule transportation at least 10 days in advance of their start date of SSC.

    Informational materials and sample referral forms are accessible below:

    Student Success Center at Rice

    Information Sheet for Parent

    Information Sheet for Parent - Spanish
    Disciplinary flow chart
    Non disciplinary flow chart

    Non-Disciplinary Parental Permission

    Referral Forms:
    SSC School Referral Form.pdf (pdf file to print and manually complete

    Non-Disciplinary Screen Form


    Please call the Student Success Center for more information at 503.916.5494 

    or Student Support at 503.916.5460.

Staff Name Phone
Erin Means 503-916-5492
Ambar Olivas Lead Counselor 503-916-5494
Omar Lara 503-916-5493