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    Student Success Center is a discipline program serving students as an alternative to expulsion. SSC serves PPS students in grades 6th through 12th who have had a hearing and a hearings officer has deemed that the student is willing to participate in the program and address the behaviors that are getting in the way of student success. We offer a 3 week intensive behavioral skill intervention, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm, which includes:

    • Emotional Regulation
    • Conflict Regulation
    • Healthy Choices
    • Decision-making/Goal setting
    • Collaborate with school staff and the designated transition support person at the student's school
    • Develop a strength-based re-engagement plan which includes recommendations from school based or community-based Mental Health/Drug/Alcohol Assessments
    • Facilitate a re-engagement meeting at the home school which welcomes the student back and to go over their re-engagement plan and school's expectations


    How does a Student get Referred?:

    • Delayed Expulsion - As a result of a hearing
    • Non-Disciplinary - After all Tier 2 interventions have been exhausted, including mental health/drug and alcohol assessment referrals, a student may be referred on a non-disciplinary basis. Schools must provide data documenting that previous interventions have been unsuccessful or the referral will not be approved. Please submit the attached "Non-Disciplinary Screening Form" to aolivas1@pps.net
    • If SSC approves the referral, the school must then meet with the family to discuss SSC as an intervention and sign the "Non-Disciplinary Parent Permission Sheet"

    When Do Students Start SSC? After SSC staff receives the referral, parent/guardian and student will be contacted and asked to come to the SSC building for a family intake interview. After this meeting, SSC begins new students on Mondays as space permits. SSC starts a new 3-week cycle every Monday.

    click on the link "Information Sheet for Parents"


    Program Location and Contact Information

    Rice Site - (room 2)

    6433 NE Tillamook

    Portland, OR 97213

    503-916-2749 Fax

    Staff Names:

    Ambar Olivas   Lead Counselor        (503) 916-5494

    Erin Means                                       (503) 916- 5492

    Maurice Phillips                                 (503) 916-5493

    Jonicia Shelton                                 (503) 679-3528


    How do Students get to SSC?

    Bus tickets are provided on a daily basis unless the student has a bus pass. Parents may also transport.
    Bus Information:  If  transportation is being provided through a student's IEP, the sending school will coordinate and schedule transportation at least 10 days in advance of their start date of SSC.

    Informational materials and sample referral forms are accessible below:

    Information Sheet for Parents

    Information Sheet for Parent - Spanish
    Disciplinary flow chart
    Non disciplinary flow chart


    Referral Forms:
    SSC School Referral Form.pdf (pdf file to print and manually complete)

    Non-Disciplinary Screen Form

    Non-Disciplinary Parental Permission


    Please call the Student Success Center for more information at 503.916.5494 

    or Student Success at 503.916.5460.

Staff Name Phone
Ambar Olivas Lead Counselor 503-916-5494
Erin Means 503-9165492
Omar Lara 503-916-5493
Jonicia Shelton 503-975-0577
ShaShuna Cain 971-806-7587