PCard FAQs

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     Am I able to purchase a staff group meal with my PCard while traveling?

    • No, this is prohibited in the PCard Manual and staff will be including meals in their per diem reimbursement.  The risk of duplicate payment is high. 

    Can I provide a tip for food delivery or at a restaurant?

    • Yes, you may provide a reasonable tip.

    I wish to cancel my PCard.  What do I need to do.

    • You can turn in your card in the Purchasing & Contracting department at the BESC or you can send an email to pcard@pps.net requesting a cancelation.

    How do we obtain the verification ID that is required to activate my account?

    • The ID is three zeros and your employee ID number.

    Can I purchase from Costco?

    • Yes you may purchase items from Costco.

    Can I purchase a Costco membership with my PCard?

    • No, you may not buy a Costco membership with your PCard.

    I only have a MasterCard and Costco requires a VISA.  How do I get a VISA?

    • To get a VISA PCard, please send an email to pcard@pps.net requesting a VISA.

    I have an executive membership and get rewards from Costco.  Can I still use my Costco account?

    • No.  Public employees cannot receive personal gain from conducting District business.

    I have made an accidental purchase on my PCard and need to repay PPS for the purchase.  How can I repay?