PCard FAQs

  • To submit a question or concern, please visit the PCard FAQ Google form

    What device hubs, docks, dongles, etc. can I buy?

    USB hubs, docks, and other similar peripheral devices should be chosen from the selection of standardized devices from the IT Purchasing page (https://www.pps.net/Page/13823). These devices are from reputable brands which have been tested by OTIS for their compatibility with PPS hardware. Devices from brands not listed on the purchasing page should not be purchased for use with PPS hardware.  A return will be required if purchased and an infraction placed on the transaction in Works.

    I have purchased a meal and beverage with my PCard while travelling.  This is an unauthorized PCard purchase because meals are included in my per diem. How do I correct this error?

    • Let PCard know the TXN number of the purchase and go to SchoolPay to repay PPS.  Here is the link: SchoolPay for PCards

    What is the maximum amount I am able to spend on student incentives and student prizes?

    • PPS  Board Policy and PPS AD 8.30.011 states "incentives should be low cost."  The Finance Department has determined low cost incentives or prizes to be a maximum of $50.00.

     How do I find out who the department budget holder is to approve my Account Codes Change Request?

    • Click on this link to the Budget Department page, open the PPS Chart of Accounts spreadsheet, search under the Department tab: PPS Chart of Accounts

     What timeframe do I have to dispute a transaction with Bank of America?

    • You have 60 days from date of purchase to dispute a transaction in WORKS.  If you are approaching the 60 day mark without delivery of items or response from the vendor, dispute the transaction in WORKS.

     How do I add Bank of America Works to my apps on the my.PPS mainpage?

    • 1) Go to + sign top left
      2) Click "+ Add App" top right
      3) Put in App name and URL (https://payment2.works.com/works/home)
      4) Hit "Select Icon" bottom right
      5) Pick Icon
      6) Hit "Add App" bottom right

    Am I able to purchase a staff group meal with my PCard while traveling?

    • No, this is prohibited in the PCard Manual and staff will include meals in their per diem reimbursement.  The risk of duplicate payment is high. 

    Can I provide a tip for food delivery or at a restaurant?

    • Yes, you may provide a reasonable tip.

    I wish to cancel my PCard.  What do I need to do.

    • You can turn in your card in the Purchasing & Contracting department at the PEC or you can send an email to pcard@pps.net requesting a cancelation.

    How do we obtain the verification ID that is required to activate my account?

    • The ID is three zeros and your employee ID number for a total of 9 digits. For example: 000055522.

    Can I purchase from Costco?

    • Yes you may purchase items from Costco.

    Can I purchase a Costco membership with my PCard?

    • No, you may not buy a Costco membership with your PCard.

    I only have a MasterCard and Costco requires a VISA.  How do I get a VISA?

    • To get a VISA PCard, please send an email to pcard@pps.net requesting a VISA.

    I have an executive membership and get rewards from Costco.  Can I still use my Costco account?

    • No.  Public employees cannot receive personal gain from conducting District business. Costco Executive memberships provide a cash back incentive.

    I have made an accidental purchase on my PCard and need to repay PPS for the purchase.  How can I repay?

    I lost my Alaska Airlines receipt for my air travel, baggage or internet fee.  How can I obtain a reprint?

    • Contact Alaska Air Customer Care at 1-800-654-5669.  Be sure to have your reservation or CTM number available. If the trip was within 48 hrs, the traveller can sign into the My Account profile on Alaska's website to obtain receipts.

    What is the easiest way to find the Pepper trainings?

    • Go to Course Library and scroll down to the search box.  Search for "pcard".
      Pepper PCard search